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65’’ Vs 75’’ TV – Which Size is Right for You?

Find out which size will fit better in your home by reading this overview that’ll tell all



65’’ Vs 75’’ TV

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When you want a TV upgrade, odds are you want to go for the gusto – something that offers great picture quality, sound quality and, of course, size. Luckily, TVs come in all shapes and sizes these days, but which size will be best for you? We’ll help you answer that today as we go over the details of 65’’ and 75’’ TV sets.

Differences in Size and Dimensions

It’s not enough to just know that a 65’’ TV is 65 inches. You also have to know its length and width to make sure it will be a good fit for your home.

Every 65’’ TV screen is 57 inches in width and 32 inches in length. As for 75’’ screens, expect them to be 66 inches in width and 37 inches in length. So, before you purchase a big screen TV, make sure you pull out your measuring tape and do some measuring around the house!

Audience Size

The next thing to think about is how many people will simultaneously be using this TV on a regular basis. The bigger the audience, the bigger the TV should be.

If you plan on using your new TV all to yourself then this part will be much easier: buy whichever size you want! If you live with other people, then this becomes a little trickier.

A 65 inch screen is great for three or four people, but a 75 inch screen is ideal for five or more. If you live with roommates, family or frequently have people over for movies or gaming, make sure you take this into account when selecting between 65’’ and 75’’ TV screens.

Room Arrangement, Mounting and Seating Distance

Now you have to make sure that the room this TV is going in will be able to properly fit it. This is usually the most difficult part of buying a large TV, so let’s break it down as simply as possible.

You probably don’t want your living room or bedroom to be too crowded, especially if you are going to hook up speakers to this TV. So, make sure it has enough room around the sides and the back for cable management. If it is a smart TV then keep the location of your router in mind as well.

A great tip is to take a piece of cardboard that is cut out to the dimensions of the TV screen size you want. Place it up on the wall so that you can easily visualize how it will look alongside the rest of your furniture.

Some people take viewing distance very seriously and will rearrange their couches or beds to achieve the perfect distance. While you don’t need to be this precise, there is a general range you should try to fall in. For 65 inch screens, six to eight feet is ideal. For 75 inch screens you will probably want to be sitting 10 to 13 feet away, but treat these numbers as a rule of thumb, not an exact science.

You should also keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the closer you should be to the TV screen. This is because lower resolutions will have pixels more visible from close up, which can take you out of the immersion. That brings us to our next section:

Resolution and Pixel Density

While 1080p resolution is still considered the standard by most, it does start to lose its luster when TV sets hit a certain size.

65’’ can still work with 1080p if you have a big enough room and are on a budget. There are still many popular 1080p 65’’ models. But if you can spare the extra cash, 65’’ will definitely look better with 4K resolution instead.

This is even more true if you are opting for a 75’’ screen. The difference between 65’’ and 75’’ is nothing to underestimate. Some people regret getting a TV that large in a resolution under 4K because the pixels are just too big. For that reason, it is strongly recommended to get any 75’’ screen in 4K or UHD.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ve reached the end of this article with a better idea of which TV screen size will work best for you. 65 and 75 inch models are pretty big, so a little bit of work is recommended to make sure you make the optimal choice. We promise you that the effort is worth it.

If you need help with specific recommendations, check out the LG OLED C1 65 inch TV or the Sony X90J 75 inch TV. These are both 2021 models in 4K and are excellent choices for any home entertainment system setup.

LG C1 Series

Our pick

LG 65″ C1 Series 4K Smart OLED TV with Alexa Built-in

  • Self-lighting OLED
  • α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K with AI Picture Pro/Sound Pro
  • Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos
  • Gaming: VRR, G-SYNC Compatible, FreeSync, ALLM
  • webOS + LG ThinQ AI w/ Magic Remote
Sony X90J

Our pick

Sony 75″ 4K HDR TV with Alexa Compatibility

  • Works with Alexa & AirPlay 2
  • The world’s first TVs with cognitive intelligence
  • Netflix, Google TV, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube
  • Perfect for PlayStation 5
  • Acoustic multi-audio

Thank you for reading and have fun with your new big screen TV!