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Aptoide Fire TV Store App: Installation and Features

Learn how to acquire access to innumerable applications using our easy to follow guide. Fire OS will then be loaded with all of the top apps.



Aptoide Fire TV Store App

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There has been much debate about what is the top app for the Fire Operating Software. But our pick is definitely Aptoide Store. Both the Fire TV and the Firestick TV are popular devices used to gain access to loads of content via streaming services. If you’re currently using one of these devices to have multimedia content, you may as well switch over to the top app on the platform to acquire the best possible viewing experience.

As great as Aptoide is, you still will not be able to find it on the Google Play Store as this is a third party app that is compatible with Amazon proprietary devices, not Android ones. Aptoide is almost like a replacement for the Google Play Store. You can have the convenience of an Android OS on Fire OS by using Aptoide. It’s a little confusing to call a store a “downloadable app” where you go to download more apps, but that’s the nature of 3rd party software sometimes.

Aptoide Hosts Only Free Downloads

Aptoide also does a great job at picking up the slack where official Amazon stores drop the ball. One of its key and most attractive features is that every single app available there is for free. Aptoide does not host anything that is behind a pay-wall. It also offers the convenience of bypassing a Google search as the middle man between you and your installation. Instead of searching for an app via a web browser, which can potentially expose you to harmful files or malware pretending to be authentic downloads, Aptoide cuts out all of that for you. What you see is what you get.

Other features of this great online marketplace include being able to download apps not available in your country or in your region. This will be great if you want to check out applications you have never even heard of, try out new apps that are not yet available in your country of residence or simply want to find a better version of an app you already own. Registering for an account or syncing up an email address or credit card information isn’t required as all of the apps on Aptoide are completely free of charge.

Fast and Safe Downloads

Aptoide also comes with a built in virus and malware scanner which will notify you if you happen to stumble across a download that would prove harmful upon installation. Some people might worry that because Aptoid is 3rd party and thus “unofficial” that it will be more prone to malware problems or other various errors and issues. Fortunately it is very safe and reliable and has so far done a great job of protecting its users. Aptoide even allows for multiple app downloads at a time and has download speeds that easily match the Google Play Store’s speeds on official Android OS devices.

How to Install Aptoide

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how do you get such a wonderful thing working on your device? Let us walk you through it:

First just open up your Fire TV or Firestick TV homepage. Now click on the Settings option. Under the Settings submenu you will click on “Device” and then from the new pop up click on “Developer Options.”

Under “Apps from Unknown Resources” you will now select “Turn On.” This feature is normally off to protect you from accidentally downloading and installing software of unknown origins, presumably anything that might contain malware. Luckily Aptoide is nothing so devious to your system’s well-being.

Now return to the home screen and bring up the search bar and type in “downloader.”

Open up the page for the Downloader and navigate to ‘settings’, then select “enable JavaScript.”

Next you will head on over to the Downloader Homepage and input this url:

How to Install Aptoide - Step 9

Step 9

You will now be redirected to the Aptoide Store App homepage. Locate the download prompt button and click on it to commence the download procedure. Once the download is complete, click on the executable file and begin installing it onto the Fire TV device. Open the app up and begin typing in whatever it is that you want. We recommend browsing online for recommendations on what Aptoide offers that the Google Play Store doesn’t.

And it’s as simple as that. With Aptoide now installed you have access to literally hundreds of thousands of apps from all around the world. We hope you learned a bit about the benefits of using this marketplace on your Amazon device and have utilized our guide effectively. Enjoy yourself and have fun.