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Stop Guessing! Find Out if Roku Remotes Are Universal

Discover which universal remotes are compatible with Roku devices and take control of your TV watching experience.



Are Roku Remotes Universal?

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Are you wondering if your shiny new Roku device will work with any remote? Or which type of universal remote is compatible with your streaming player? Perhaps you’re trying to find a replacement for an old or broken remote.

Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll explain all the different types of remotes that work with Roku devices and how they make it easier to control TV watching. This blog will provide helpful information on compatibility issues, suggestions on choosing the right one for you, setting them up properly, and more—so let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

Understanding Roku Remotes

Roku offers an array of remotes to accommodate different TV models and streaming options, including the Simple infrared remote, Enhanced Remote, Voice Remote, Voice Remote Pro, Game Remote and Roku mobile app.

Types of Roku remotes (Simple infrared remote, Enhanced remote, Voice Remote, Voice Remote Pro, Game Remote, Roku mobile app)

• The Simple Infrared Remote is a basic remote control option for operating Roku devices. It offers standard features and controls, such as device selection, return button, back button, mute/unmute, volume up/down, and guidance buttons.

Interchangeability of Roku remotes

Roku remotes offer convenience for controlling various streaming content. However, the interchangeability and universality of these remote controls vary amongst different models. Most official Roku remotes are compatible with any Roku product, so they can be easily transferred from one device to another.

As an alternative, some universal third-party remotes also work with certain devices in the Roku lineup; however, button support may vary depending on which model you use. It is important to pair a Roku remote with its respective player before it can be used correctly and reliably; this process allows each unique remote to communicate properly with their specific device.

If you experience issues such as not all buttons working or signal connection problems, then re-pairing your remote might solve those sorts of problems. Additionally, there are several replacement options available if you’ve lost or broken your actual Roku remote – including both official and third-party models that provide similar functionality as your original controller.

Compatibility of Universal Remotes with Roku

Universal remotes are compatible with some Roku devices, such as streaming sticks and TV models, but their button support may vary.

Types of universal remotes that work with Roku

  1. Philips Universal Remote Control: This is a two-in-one remote with an easy setup and a wide variety of buttons that work with Roku. It can control up to 8 devices, making it a great choice for multi-device households.
  2. Sofabaton X1: This advanced universal remote offers extensive button support for Roku soundbars, giving users full control over power, volume, muting, access to the home screen and more.
  3. Roku Voice Remote Pro: With this official remote from Roku, you get voice control capabilities plus extra range thanks to built-in Bluetooth technology and dual RF features for improved performance on almost any device at any angle in your home theatre space.
  4. GE Backlit Universal Remote Control: Designed specifically for use with TVs as well as streaming media players like Roku devices, this backlit companion offers one of the widest ranges of compatible brands available in a single device.
  5. Sofabaton U2 – Budget-Friendly Option: As its name implies, the U2 is a budget-friendly option when comparing universal remotes that are designed to cater to all types of digital platforms, including those from Apple TV/Apple Music/Pandora/Netflix& Hulu + Plus many more!. You’ll also receive learning buttons capable of regulating movies & tv shows by tuning into channel presets or cutting through static & reducing outside interference within minutes!

Connecting a universal remote to a Roku device

  1. Insert batteries into the universal remote, and switch it on.
  2. Check if the brand of your universal remote is compatible with Roku devices using a list available on the Roku website.
  3. Confirm that there are codes that can be used to connect the device to your Roku TV or streaming stick—some popular brands such as GE and RCA have specific codes for these products – by searching online for model number-specific information or consulting a customer service agent
  4. Program each individual button on your remote as told in either online instructions or in those provided by the manufacturer’s instruction manual
  5. If you’re more technically inclined, try connecting your remote via Bluetooth instead of IR (infrared). This may require some configuration changes depending upon what type of Bluetooth function is used, but it should eventually let you control all aspects of your TV, like changing channels and adjusting volume
  6. Alternatively, purchase an official Voice Remote Pro from retailers like Walmart, which connects instantly without any setup required

Limitations and considerations when using a universal remote with Roku

Using a universal remote can be an economical and convenient alternative to purchasing multiple dedicated remotes for different devices. However, when using a universal remote with Roku, some compatibility issues must be taken into account.

The most important limitation is the type of wireless technology used by Roku remotes – Wi-Fi Direct (WFD). This means that many standard universal remotes may not be capable of connecting to the wireless signal emitted by your Roku device.

Because of this, finding a compatible universal remote may require additional research before making purchase decisions to ensure proper functionality with your specific model of Roku device.

In addition to connectivity considerations, there are limitations in terms of what basic tasks a simple universal remote will allow you to control on your Roku device. For example, most commands, such as powering up from standby mode or launching streaming services, might not be possible using these types of remotes , so keep this in mind if thinking about getting one.

Also, Programming codes available vary depending on the manufacturer and particular model being programmed ,so it’s recommended to search through related topics relating specifically to programming a universal controller make sure it works properly with our Roku device.


In conclusion, Roku remotes are not universal, and users should always check what type of remote is compatible with their particular Roku device. Universal remotes can be used to control a Roku streaming device, but they may not support all the features that proprietary remotes do.

Nevertheless, universal remotes offer an alternative for those who want to replace their lost or broken remote without buying an official replacement or paying extra costs. It’s important to note that some models of Roku devices don’t even require a physical remote in order to operate, as most functions can be controlled through the mobile app.
Therefore, whether you have a Simple Remote from earlier models or one of the newer Voice Remotes, it pays off to investigate which model works best with your setup.