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How to Display the Battery Percentage on Samsung Galaxy S10

Find out how to display the battery life percentage at the top of the screen on your Samsung Galaxy S10.



How to Show Battery Percentage on S10

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One of the first things anyone should do once they get their hands on a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 is figure out how to get the remaining battery life to display. It is a bit of a mystery why Samsung has this feature off by default, but luckily, this is an issue that is easy to fix. Simply read our easy to follow instructions below so that you can finally see the remaining battery of your precious phone.

Instructions on how to Bring Up Samsung Galaxy S10’s Battery Life

The first thing you’ll need to do is head over into your phone’s Settings app. Scroll down a little bit until you find the option that says Notifications, and tap on it.

Next, you will want to select the Status Bar. On this page you’ll see a few options, but at the bottom is the one you are interested in: Show battery percentage. Tap on the toggle switch on the right hand side to activate it.

How to Show Battery Percentage on S10 – Step by Step

Now you can exit the Settings app and return to your Galaxy S10’s main menu. At the top of the screen is your status bar where you see little icons such as your Wi-Fi strength and whatnot. Now you will finally see a battery percentage right next to the visual icon of a battery. That’s all you need to do to show the remaining battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S10.