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Best Bluetooth Hoverboards for Kids or Adults

If you are wondering which Bluetooth-supported hoverboard to get, check out this list of the top options available plus our buying guide.



Best Bluetooth Hoverboards

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Hoverboards are already some of the coolest items you can own thanks to how fun and seamless controlling them is. However, if there is anything that can make these devices even cooler, it would have to be the inclusion of Bluetooth functionality.

With a Bluetooth enabled hoverboard, you’ll be able to cruise around the neighborhood playing your favorite music as you ride around the block in style. Is there anything that sounds more awesome than that? That’s why we’re going to cover the best Bluetooth hoverboards you can buy that will deliver you all the benefits of a stylish ride with wireless speakers.

Our Picks for the Top 4 Best Bluetooth Hoverboards

Black Bluetooth Hoverboard: SISIGAD Self Balancing Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

The SISIGAD self-balancing hoverboard is one of the best Bluetooth hoverboards as it has the right combination of features that any good hoverboard should possess. It has style, is available in a wide variety of colors, contains fancy blinking LED lights and of course comes with wireless Bluetooth speakers.

With a max speed of 9mph you can cruise around at a pace that has a great balance of swiftness and comfort. It can easily be used by both kids and adults and would make a great gift for the whole family.


  • Great max weight capacity of over 200 pounds
  • 300 watt dual motors
  • Great choice for younger ages or beginners


  • Can only get an hour of use at max speed on a max charge
  • Battery replenish time of up to 5 hours

Blue Bluetooth Hoverboard: UNI-SUN Self Balancing Hoverboard

UNI-SUN Self Balancing HoverboardIf you want style above all else then the best Bluetooth hoverboard for you may very well be the UNI-SUN model. While it is available in 19 colors, the chrome blue finish looks particularly flashy and fashionable.

Despite having smaller 6.5 inch wheels, they are very sturdy and provide a smooth riding experience for people of various sizes. The speakers can reach louder volumes than you may initially expect from a hoverboard this size. Be prepared to really blast your favorite tunes if you go with this choice.


  • Great speakers that are loud and clear
  • Gyroscopic foot sensors for easier riding
  • Very glossy paint finish
  • Durable and reliable tires


  • May not support some Bluetooth devices

Pink Bluetooth Hoverboard: WORMHOLE Off Road Dual Motors Hoverboard

WORMHOLE Off Road Dual Motors HoverboardLiving up to its name, the Wormhole off road Bluetooth hoverboard has wheels shining with and impressive display of LED lights covering the tires. They’re so dazzling that they really make you feel like you’re staring into a wormhole.

With a unique color of pinkish purple, the Wormhole has earned the right to be called one of the best Bluetooth hoverboards for its unique visuals all around. It also has some off road capabilities making it better on grass and dirt unlike many other Bluetooth hoverboards in its price range. Get this hoverboard if you really enjoy riding around the park with your favorite music blasting out of its wireless speakers.


  • Works well on grass as well as pavements
  • Very bright LED wheels
  • Large footpads for maximum comfort during maneuvering


  • Lightweight frame makes for a lower weight capacity of 165 pounds

8 Inch Hoverboard with Bluetooth: Chic UL 2272 All Terrain Offroad Hoverboard

To end off our list of the best Bluetooth hoverboards is Chic’s all terrain hoverboard. This is a larger size hoverboard with 8.5 inch tires that makes it better for older riders who want to ride on surfaces other than the sidewalk or their driveway.

These larger solid rubber tires will do a great job of handling rougher terrains that other hoverboards really struggle with, including sand and dirt. It also has a longer battery life than other hoverboards so you can really get the most juice out of both your riding and your wireless speakers.


  • All-terrain wheels for riding in many places
  • Large tires are very durable
  • Superior battery life
  • 260 pound weight capacity
  • 12 month warranty


  • Not the best choice for younger ages or beginners
  • A little pricier than other Bluetooth hoverboards

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Bluetooth Hoverboards

Now that you’ve become a little bit familiar with what a great Bluetooth enabled hoverboard looks like, we’re going to introduce you to this little buyer’s guide of ours. The information below will be of great use to anyone that wants to learn for themselves how they can spot the difference between a lower quality and a higher quality Bluetooth hoverboard. We’ll also go over various specifications and features so that you can pick a hoverboard that will suit your needs perfectly.


Since we’re talking about the best Bluetooth hoverboards, let’s start with discussing Bluetooth itself. Always keep in mind what kind of device you want to pair with your Bluetooth hoverboard to see if they will be compatible.

While many hoverboards will work with most if not all devices, there are some exceptions. Make sure your smartphone or device will actually work with the hoverboard you have in mind.


While sometimes there isn’t much to differentiate one set of hoverboard speakers from the next, some of them will be louder than others. Some don’t even have an adequate volume controller.

The best Bluetooth hoverboards will allow you to control the loudness of your music however you wish. You should also try to get a hoverboard that has speakers on the sides of the machine rather than the bottom, as this will provide a better audio experience overall.


If you’re an adult buying one for yourself then you’ll probably want a slightly larger hoverboard with tires that are at least 8 inches. While many 6 or 6.5 inch wheeled hoverboards can still be safely operated by adults, the larger ones will have a weight capacity and a battery that is better suited to your needs. They are also more likely to have all-terrain capabilities so that you don’t have to be limited to the sidewalk, your indoor hallways or your driveway.

If you’re looking for one of the best Bluetooth hoverboards as a gift for a child then our recommendation is to stick with wheels that are 6.5 inch large or smaller. These sizes are better suited for younger ages as their traction and turning capabilities are designed to keep smaller bodies in mind.

If style and flair are really important to you in a hoverboard then by all means select one that has the LED lights and color finish that you find attractive. Many hoverboards are available in many different colors, including most of the best Bluetooth hoverboards on our list above.

Speed, Max Distance & Battery Life

While the best hoverboards in these departments are considerably expensive, you don’t have to spend more than a couple hundred dollars to get one of the best Bluetooth hoverboards if you only want 60-90 minutes of use on a full charge.

Many of these hoverboards will take at least three hours to fully charge. This may seem like a long time but it is actually quite standard so don’t be too put off by that.

When it comes to speed, anything around the 10mph mark will be perfectly fine for just about any age. Max speed is often also the max distance as many of these hoverboards will provide an hour of use at full throttle. Keep these specs in mind so you’ll know how far and how fast you can go in your neighborhood.


Thank you for reading our top picks of the best Bluetooth hoverboards as well as our buyer’s guide on how you can find the best fitting hoverboards for your needs. We hope this has proven to be very informative for you so that you can go out and buy the best Bluetooth hoverboard that will deliver the smooth ride and the stylish looks you want.