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Best Galaxy S9 Plus Cases

If you’re interested in picking up a new case for your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone then check out this list of the top models compared along with our convenient buyer’s guide.



Best Galaxy S9 Plus Cases

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What’s a fancy phone without a fancy case to go with it? If you’re looking for a great case to make your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus phone be both more stylish and better protected then you will want to see our list below. We have compiled the top 9 absolute best phone cases for the S9 Plus. Each one is guaranteed to make your phone sturdier and flashier.

Our Top Picks for the Best Galaxy S9 Plus Case

1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

The SUPCASE beetle case is one of the most durable Galaxy S9 Plus cases you can find anywhere online. Not only does it come included with a free screen protector, but the casing itself is astonishingly durable. Your phone can survive a drop of several dozen feet as long as it is cradled in the SUPCASE case.

Despite being so sturdy and thick, you can still wirelessly charge your phone while it is inside the case. The button cutouts are also perfectly designed so you can still access and perform all the functions you need to do.

The SUPCASE also comes with a rotatable holster that can easily clip onto your belt clip or pocket, which makes this Galaxy S9 Plus case just as versatile as it is durable.


  • Extremely durable casing
  • Rotating holster
  • Capable of wireless charging
  • Screen protector included


  • May not be the most fashionable phone case choice

2. ESR Ultra Slim Protective Cover

ESR Ultra Slim Protective Cover

For anyone who is looking for the thinnest and most transparent phone case out there, your number one choice should be ESR’s Ultra Slim Thin Clear Soft Case. It’s only 1.2mm thick and will add virtually zero bulk to your Galaxy S9 Plus phone.

This is a great case because it still manages to show off everything about the sleek design of the Galaxy S9 Plus without adding its own looks or aesthetics. Despite being so thin it still adds enough protection to the camera lens and the screen itself. It’s also a great choice to prevent scratching from accumulating on the sides or corners of your phone.


  • Extremely thin and lightweight
  • Adds almost no bulk or weight to your phone
  • Great for guarding against scratches
  • Has a great lifespan and will not discolor


  • Can’t provide ideal protection against hard or tall drops

3. Anceer Premium Protective Cover for Galaxy S9 Plus

Anceer Premium Protective Cover for Galaxy S9 Plus

Anceer’s cases have always been a great combination of thin cases with a hard shell back, and their new design for the Galaxy S9 Plus is no exception to this.

Their cases can be purchased in a variety of colors allowing you to customize your S9 Plus phone however you want. The case itself is not only very sleek looking but only weighs a couple dozen grams and adds on very little thickness to your phone.

It’s a simple but very effective phone case that keeps the sleekness of the Galaxy S9 Plus intact, while also giving it a smooth yet reliable hard shell surface to protect your phone from scratches or hard drops.


  • Stylish and available in many colors
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Made out of durable and environmentally friendly materials


  • Case is a little too smooth and could’ve used a little more grip

4. SPEVERT Marble Pattern Galaxy S9 Plus Case

SPEVERT Marble Pattern Galaxy S9 Plus Case

The next case we have on display is one of the most visually striking case designs ever made for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. SPEVERT has truly made quite a work of art with this new re-released design of their older S9 case. The marble design of these hard shell and soft shell hybrid covers is truly beautiful and will turn your phone into a striking work of beauty.

This case is available in eight different selections and every single one of them is as eye-catching as the last. Anyone who wants to give their S9 Plus phone a more royal and regal look will definitely have a lot of fun accessorizing their phone with one of these cases. It’s hard to think of a phone case that will stand out from the crowd more than a SPEVERT.


  • Incredibly beautiful marble design
  • Shockproof and scratch proof hard shell back
  • Smooth surfaces with designs that will not fade
  • Magnetic mounting


  • Case can sometimes interfere with camera view

5. Samsung Official OEM Alcantara Cover

To start off our top picks for the best Galaxy S9 Plus case is the official Samsung OEM case itself. Available in five different colors, this case is soft to the touch thanks to its alcantara fabric. It is both comfortable to hold and will offer protection all around your phone. It may not have the most flashy looks but it is both lightweight and has a simple elegance about it.


  • Soft to the touch
  • Lightweight frame
  • Subtle yet attractive visual style


  • Isn’t the most visually striking phone case
  • A little pricier than other cases

6. Spigen Thin Fit S9 Plus Case

Spigen Thin Fit S9 Plus Case

Spigen is known for making some of the best phone cases out there and the same is true for their S9 Plus cases. This model is a thinner case with a very sleek and well-polished matte finish. Available in both black and maple gold, either version will make your Galaxy S9 Plus look like a premium device.


  • Sleek and modern visual style
  • Hardcover back for improved durability
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Looks fantastic in maple gold


  • Case is a little too flexible, lacks rigidity

7. Caseology Legion for Galaxy S9 Plus Case

Caseology Legion for Galaxy S9 Plus Case

For a more heavy duty take on the best galaxy S9 Plus cases, we have the Caseology Legion. This is a very attractive phone case with its smooth rounded edges and a black frame that envelops whatever color you choose such as Burgundy or Midnight Blue. Despite being a very smooth feeling case, there is great traction while holding it in your hands and the button covers offer great feedback to improve upon the original button feel.


  • Improved button push traction
  • Rugged hardback durability
  • Precise cutouts despite thicker frame
  • Shockproof


  • Some models may have rough corners

8. Maxboost Galaxy S9 Plus Premium Wallet Case

Maxboost Galaxy S9 Plus Premium Wallet CaseOne of the best Galaxy S9 Plus Cases that emulates a wallet is this one right here by Maxboost. With several card slots on the inner sleeve, a built-in foldable stand, a magnetic closing slip and a very lightweight design, this is an excellent phone case for someone who cares about utility above all else.


  • Several inner card sleeves
  • Magnetic flap sleeve
  • Built-in foldable stand
  • Realistic PU leather fabric


  • Only available in one color
  • Doesn’t offer the most protection

9. Spigen Neo Hybrid Phone Case

The final item on our list of the best Galaxy S9 Plus cases is another Spigen model. Their items are so good we couldn’t help but include a second one. This case may seem slightly thin but don’t let that fool you – it has some excellent shock absorbent capabilities. It is also designed to optimize wireless charging due to the lack of a bulky frame.


  • Hybrid style of sleekness and durable, heavy duty protection
  • Appealing geometric design on backside
  • Comes in very stylish colors
  • Great bumper frame


  • Inner plastic clips are fragile

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Galaxy S9 Plus Case

We’re sure you are very impressed with our selection of the best Galaxy S9 Plus cases as each one demonstrates a high level of visual and functional quality. As an added bonus to this article though, we’re going to talk a little about how you can pick out the very best Galaxy S9 Plus cases for yourself should you ever go shopping for one in the near future.

Figuring out what makes a Galaxy S9 Plus case high caliber is actually quite simple. Once you know which features to look out for, then you’ll be easily picking apart the wheat from the chaff.


For one thing, any good phone case needs to be durable. While some people just want a thin sleeve to make their phone more stylish, this alone isn’t enough for something to be considered one of the best Galaxy S9 Plus cases around. A great phone case should have both durability and style.

When it comes to durability, bulky cases are generally stronger but you don’t want to go too big. If a phone case is too bulky it might be too heavy, too thick for your pockets or will simply not look too good. There are Samsung phone cases that have shockproof materials even if they have a slim profile.

Don’t just assume that lightweight cases aren’t tough. Check the list of materials or features and see if they are reinforced with anything like dual-layer hard covers or even carbon fiber.


For looks, many great phone cases are made out of a variety of materials. Pleather looks especially great but many other phones are made out of appealing matte finishes as well. Plus, both of these materials will not scratch very easily, if at all.

Additional Features

Many of the best Galaxy S9 Plus cases will have a variety of extra features to offer more convenience to you. It definitely makes a difference when cases have nice bonus qualities such as grippy button covers, magnetic flaps, built-in stands, etc. Any case that adds not only protection and style but functionality as well is a big win.


That’s all we have to say on the best Galaxy S9 Plus cases. We hope you learned a lot from both our top five picks and our informative buyer’s guide. There are a lot of excellent smartphone cases out there so we’re sure that with our help you’ll be able to select a high quality case for your high quality phone. Just make sure you prioritize the features that will be most essential to you.