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Top 15 Stock Trading Apps for Your Smartphone

Trading on the go is a great way to make wise financial decisions at key moments. Check out our list of the top stock market trading apps for your smartphone.



Best Stock Trading Apps

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It’s never been a better time to get into the stock trading game. Thanks to the magic of digital technology and the internet, people can learn how to invest stock wherever and whenever they want. There has never been an easier time in history to get involved with the great financial opportunity of trading.

Why not start now? Below we have compiled a list of our favorite 15 tools that we would call the best stock trading apps you can find today. Whether you have no experience or a lot of it, this list should surely pique your interest.

1. E*Trade Mobile (iOS and Android)

E*Trade Mobile App

First on our list is an excellent choice for anyone who has prior experience with stock market trading. E*Trade is a professional level tool that makes the top spot on our list of the best stock trading apps due to its great list of features and analytics.

E*Trade Mobile is available on both iOS and Android devices. While the app has an initial fee of $6.95 (though it drops to $4.95 if you make at least 30 trades every three months) it does have another entry barrier, financially speaking. This is not unusual when dealing with stock trading apps of this caliber. Users can only begin with a $500 minimum investment.

This may sound like a lot to start out with for some people, but that’s just how the game of stock trading works. E*Trade is for serious customers only, but if you are one of those people you can receive great benefits from choosing this app.

Not only can you buy or sell stocks and bonds with E*Trade but you can use a variety of tools to calculate and analyze your margins and receive accurate real-time stats on a business’ status. Using all of these tools to your advantage is what will truly make E*Trade Mobile become one of the best stock trading apps for you, if not the best.

2. Stash (iOS and Android)

Stash App

Let’s say you’re the type of person who is all new to stock trading. You don’t have much knowledge but are eager to learn. You don’t have much money you’re willing to put down as a deposit but are determined to try and make the most that you can. If you fit this description then we highly recommend that you give the Stash stock trading app a go.

Unlike E*Trade Mobile, this app is extremely beginner friendly. It wasn’t designed for people who already have a lot of money and experience, but for the average Joe or Jane who is just starting out.

Stash doesn’t have a relatively high-cost initial deposit requirement like professional level apps do, so it’s quite easy to get started. With Stash all you need is $5 to register and you’ll be good to go.

Arguably the best thing about Stash is that it also doubles as an educational tool. Once you are registered you will be given access to many articles that provide great tips and advice on how to most optimally invest your cash. Anyone with enough determination can greatly improve their stock market skills by spending time with Stash, which is why we say it’s one of the best stock trading apps out there.

3. Charles Schwab (iOS and Android)

Charles Schwab App

One common complaint that we often see is the heavy compartmentalization between stock trading and people’s own personal banking. Managing our own personal finances can already be enough of a chore sometimes so adding in the complexities of the stock market can feel overwhelming at times. That’s why we’ve named Charles Schwab as one of the best stock trading apps due to its intuitive combination of stock trading and banking utilities.

With Charles Schwab on mobile devices, you will have access to a lot of analytic tools and the ability to live stream news alerts and charts that are updated in real-time. Additionally, you can also use the app to pay your bills from anywhere in the world.

Charles Schwab has a $4.95 fee for each stock but also has a $0 account minimum so anyone can get started with it easily. The app has become one of the more popular stock market trading apps out there and has won numerous awards including being the Best for Beginners and Best for IRAs (Individual Retirement Account).

The app is not only available on iOS and Android smartphones but is even compatible with other supplementary devices such as the Apple Watch or Kindle Fire.

4. TD Ameritrade Mobile (iOS and Android)

TD Ameritrade Mobile App

The TD Ameritrade app is widely regarded as one of the best stock trading apps, for both beginners and experienced users. The Toronto Dominion Bank is one of the largest banks in the world so perhaps it’s not much of a surprise they were able to create such a highly acclaimed stock market tool.

If your bank is TD then you might want to heavily consider making this your primary stock trading app, if not your only one. One of the coolest features available is the ability to seamlessly transfer funds in between your personal bank accounts and the profile you establish within the TD Ameritrade app itself.

But the interesting and unique aspects of this app don’t stop there. There are actually two versions of the TD Ameritrade app depending on your needs. The first is known as TD Ameritrade Mobile which is available on iOS and Android devices. This version is tailored for less intense investing and people who consider themselves novices. The second one is called TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader, which places a larger emphasis on advanced functions including streaming complex analytics that takes full advantage of your phone’s power.

TD Ameritrade also has a snapshot function where you can take pictures of data and share them on social media. This seems like just a simple and fun feature but if used effectively you can share your pictures with finance-savvy people to get an in-depth outsider’s opinion on your progress.

The app has a $0 minimum account requirement though costs $6.95 per stock trade. The price is a little higher than average but think of it as paying for the extra features that make TD Ameritrade mobile one of the best stock trading apps you can find.

5. Robinhood (iOS and Android)

Robinhood App

One of the biggest issues with stock trading apps for many people is the fee that is incurred per trade. Not everyone feels like they can afford to pay for additional costs on top of their actual investment, especially if they are new to the stock market game. If these sentiments reflect your own position then Robinhood may be the best stock trading app for you.

Robinhood’s best feature is that it has absolutely no fees for trading. This makes it a great tool for anyone who still needs to go through a learning curve or for people who don’t have too much to spend in the first place.

The downside to Robinhood being free to use is that it isn’t abundant with various features like the previous apps on this list. This may not be that big an issue if you are a trading novice as simple market value analytics may be all you really need anyway.

There is a premium version of Robinhood that costs $5 a month as a subscription. This upgrade gives you a higher maximum deposit, raised from $200 to $1000.

6. Capital (iOS)

Capital App

If you want a highly advanced stock trading app that comes with state of the art features then Capital will have you covered. This is one of the more popular stock trading apps out there and won numerous awards in 2018 for its innovative tools and algorithms.

What makes Capital so special is heavily due to the artificial intelligence system it utilizes. The AI is capable of reacting to market trends that you have honed in on with your own investments to provide tailored updates and notifications. It does a great job of keeping you constantly informed on what is most important to your investment habits.

Another great feature is Capital’s negative-balance protection system that helps to prevent you from spending too much money that could potentially lead to heavy losses. This is an invaluable tool for anyone who is ready to do some heavy spending. Capital’s trade system is also compatible with cryptocurrency trading such as Bitcoin. It’s one of the best stock trading apps for anyone who wants to have an advanced toolkit for advanced stock market purchases.

Capital has a required $100 minimum deposit and a $250 bank transfer minimum.

7. StockTwits (iOS and Android)

StockTwits App

We’ve seen a lot of interesting features so far from this list of the best stock trading apps but the presence of social media functionality has been missing from many of them. The fact remains that the internet is an excellent source of information and collaboration with other people who are engaged in the stock market. Analytics are one thing but people themselves can offer a whole different kind of perspective.

That’s where StockTwits comes into play. While this app allows you to use various functions like viewing market trends and popular stocks it has a very unique social media aspect that brings the collection of information to a whole new level.

You can create a profile for your StockTwits account that can be used to connect with other users on the app. If you are particularly interested in a certain trend or company, or have a very specific inquiry that graphs of data simply can’t answer then StockTwits allows you to find someone who can address your concerns.

The app is also compatible with Twitter so that you can share info there and connect to other people who are in the stock market game as well. StockTwits is friendly to both beginners and experienced users. The app is not only easy to use but it is free as well.

8. Jstock (Android)

Jstock AppOrganization and detailed data are crucial if not mandatory attributes of a successful stock trading app. Stock information can become highly complex so it is necessary to be able to organize charts and graphs as neatly and comprehensively as possible. If you want an app that delivers some of the best, if not the best, in data management and presentation then Jstock will surely meet your needs.

Jstock provides several portfolio management tools as well as data indexes that go back several years. You’ll have a very well-rounded perspective on the history of market trends and you should be able to make accurate predictions of their future success.

Jstock is especially great on mobile devices as the app received a refurbished interface that is much cleaner than the desktop version. It’s also open source and therefore totally free to use.

9. Yahoo! Finance (iOS and Android)

Yahoo! Finance App

Yahoo has always been one of the best sites to receive updates on business related news and now you can receive this info all from one convenient mobile app. You can search for virtually any stocks that interest you and have notifications set up so that you can receive updates on changes as soon as they occur.

This is a tool that we recommend to experienced users but also to beginners. Yahoo! Finance is one of the best stock trading apps because of how easy it is to use and due to how informative it is. It’s a fantastic way to stay up to date with the ever-changing status of various companies.

The interface is extremely simplistic but in a very good way. Info is always clearly displayed and navigation from page to page is a cinch. You’ll have no trouble using this app for trading.

10. Matador (iOS)

Matador App

The Matador stock trading app is one of the few platforms out there that has created an interesting combination of social media elements and stock market trading.

With this app you are able to connect with the profile of friends or other entrepreneurs and take a look at what they are investing in. The social media aspect of Matador has more practical implications then merely observing what your buddies are doing. You can actually team up and invest together in the same companies.

Matador is also very beginner friendly thanks to its low entry requirements. There is a $0 account minimum, there are no fees for the maintenance of your profile and there are no fees on any withdrawals or deposits that you make. These very lenient aspects of Matador are part of why we see it as one of the best stock trading apps available today.

The Matador app is currently only available for iOS platforms but the company is working on an Android version.

11. Webull (iOS and Android)

Webull App

One of the more underrated stock trading apps on our list today is Webull, a platform that allows you to receive incentives from their referral program.

While Webull has many useful features such as no minimum balance requirements and no fees on account maintenance, the referral program can really benefit you if you’re smart and persistent with it. Every time you refer a friend and they deposit at least $100 into their new account, you will receive a free stock with a predetermined value. It will be anywhere from $3 to $1000 depending on how many people you invite.

Webull is also a great place to keep an eye on US markets thanks to its financial news section which is updated in real-time. You’ll even receive the ability to trade during pre and post-market hours to really take advantage of opportune moments.

12. Acorns (iOS and Android)

Acorns App

Arguably the best stock trading app for beginners, Acorn is an excellent app designed to teach people the basics of trading with very small amounts.

First of all, there are no minimum investment requirements with the Acorns app. You can invest as much or as little as you want. It also has a referral program where you will receive $5 for each person you recruit.

Acorns isn’t entirely free to use but it is still rather cheap. If you have under $5000 in your account then your fee will only cost one dollar per month. For anyone who has over $5000 then they will be charged 0.25% of their total funds. This business model is designed to work in your favor so that the more you earn the less the charges will have an impact on you.

13. M1 Finance (iOS and Android)

M1 Finance App

If you want to have complete control over how you tailor your stock trading experience then you will definitely want to hear more about the M1 Finance trading app.

M1 Finance is all about customization. Not only is it free of fees or commission charges it allows you to create your very own pie graphs. With these graphs you can choose how to view and organize your exchange traded funds (ETFs), bonds or stocks in a convenient fashion. The customization features for your portfolio are also very in-depth.

There is a $100 minimum investment requirement for M1 Finance. Taking this into account with the very detailed customization features, we recommend M1 Finance for experienced users.

If you have very specific investing needs and you are seeking the best in customized features then you will enjoy using M1 Finance to optimize your own stock trading habits. When all of its features are used together to their max potential it’s easy to see why this is one of the best stock trading apps.

14. Bloomberg (iOS and Android)

Bloomberg AppSometimes it feels too good to be true when a single platform has breaking news, equity indices and portfolio tools all in one. Fortunately though, this is a reality thanks to the Bloomberg mobile app.

Available for free on iOS, Android and even Blackberry devices, Bloomberg is an excellent resource for keeping up with the news on stock updates thanks to its Bloomberg Television Live feature. It also has compatibility with social media sites Twitter and Facebook. These features are hidden behind a $35 per month subscription but anyone who is serious about their investment game will want to consider this option.

15. Merrill Edge (iOS and Android)

Merrill Edge App
One of the best stock trading apps for support and compatibility has got to be Merrill Edge. This app is not only available for Android and iOS smartphones but a couple of other Apple products as well, including the Apple Watch and the iPad.

With Merrill Edge you will have a completely customizable dashboard that can be tailored according to all of your needs. You’ll also have access to watch list notifications and the ability to pay bills once you’ve registered.

Apple users will be especially impressed with this stock trading app thanks to its cross-device support. Getting updates and being able to track charts from your Apple Watch by simply taking a glance at your wrist is an innovative convenience that really pushes the boundaries of portable technology.