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The Best TV Stands with a Mount

If you’re looking for a great new TV stand with a mount, check out this list of the best models that you can buy online.



Best TV Stand with Mount

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There are many great accessories you can get to improve your television set or your home theater, but one of the most overlooked items may very well be TV stands with mounts.

They offer one of the cleanest and most stylish ways you can display your TV screen for optimal viewing and aesthetics. TV stands with mounts can help secure your large screens with reliable stability and they can be mounted at a height for a perfectly calibrated viewing angle or viewing distance.

Many of the best TV stands with mounts come with other useful tools to improve your TV watching experience. So if you’re interested in learning more, check out the top 10 best TV stands with mounts you can buy today.

TV Stand with Mount: The Top 10 Best Options on the Market

1. TAVR Furniture Glass Floor TV Stand With Swivel Mount

The first best TV stand with a mount I have to show you today is TAVR’s Furniture Glass Floor TV Stand.

The stand itself is made out of dense tempered glass that can support a good amount of weight and has a sleek modern design that will fit well with the aesthetics of almost any living room. The TV mount itself is easily height adjustable and the swivel feature spins in 360 degrees so you can customize your viewing angle however you wish.

Many useful features are included with this 55 inch TV stand with mount, including cable clips so you can easily organize all of your cables, a strong safety lock that secures your TV tightly, and the 90 pound weight limit of the top shelf so you can stack on many objects to decorate your TV stand.

2. VIVO Black rolling TV Cart

The VIVO’s thin design makes it pair up extremely well with equally thin flat screen sets. It may have a small shelf with an equally small weight capacity of 10 pounds but it can still be put to good use to hold your laptop, your remote control or other related items.

The 4-wheeled stand makes it easy to roll the VIVO cart around so you can move your flat screen TV across the room while it is still attached to the mount. You could even bring your TV with you into the kitchen if you have the room for it!

One of the coolest features of this 65 inch TV stand with mount is the adjustable viewing angle. You can tip your TV screen 15 degrees up or down to achieve whatever ideal viewing angle you want.

3. Aeon Stands and Mounts Small TV Stand With Swivel

Aeon Stands and Mounts Small TV Stand With Swivel

Another great TV stand with swivel mount comes from Aeon.

What impresses me right off the bat about this TV stand is its tempered glossy black finish. It simply looks marvelous and will match the color of a black TV set perfectly.

The base of the stand itself is quite wide and that makes this TV stand extremely stable even with a 75 pound TV attached to the mount. Because the base is so wide, it can easily hold some extra components such as your cable box or soundbar.

The swivel and height adjustment functions are very easy to manipulate. With 90 degrees of swivel control you can quickly set the angle of your TV screen within mere seconds. The anchor bars are extremely robust and provide superb support for 50 inch television sets.

4. ONKRON Mobile TV Stand with Mount Rolling TV Cart

ONKRON’s stylish 65 inch TV stand with mount is as sleek as it is useful – extremely.

With a height adjustable shelf and TV mount you can easily set your preferences no problem. The base has four wheels each with a locking mechanism so you never have to worry about your TV cart rolling out of place.

This stand requires more installation than usual but I promise you it is worth it. It looks fantastic and operates like a charm.

5. Fitueyes Universal TV Stand Base Swivel Tabletop TV Stand

This 65 inch TV stand with mount is truly a no-hassle kind of product. It’s easy to install and easy to adjust.

With a 3-level height adjustment system, a wide tempered glass base, and 80 degrees of swivel you can experience the convenience of a mounted TV screen without the hassle of power tools or complex installation.

It has quite a wide range of compatible TV sizes, ranging from 32 to 65 inches. The mounting anchors are very durable and the Fitueyes stand is compatible with a huge array of TV brands, including Samsung, Vizio, LG and Sony.

6. PERLESMITH Universal TV Stand

If you are looking for the best cheap TV stand with mount then my only recommendation has got to be the PERLESMITH Universal TV stand. It may be smaller than many others but it can support up to 55 inch screens weighing nearly 90 pounds.

Don’t be deceived by its small size or low price, either. This TV stand with mount features tempered glass, safety locks, a cable management system and rubber stands to reduce slipping. That’s a whole lot of functionality for the price.

Include the fact that this cheap TV stand with mount is durable, compatible with several TV brands, and comes with a 10 year warranty and you have yourself a clear winner of a TV stand.

7. Kanto MTM65PLW Height Adjustable Mobile TV Stand

Want something that looks different from all the others? Check out Kanto’s Mobile TV stand. This is a lovely white TV stand with mount that easily blends in a living room with softer or more pastel colors.

This stand may look soft in a manner of speaking, but it is very durable thanks to robust solid steel construction. Plus it comes with a height adjustable mount and shelf. The wheels each have locking mechanisms for safety and there’s even an extra top shelf above the TV mount for cameras.

Whether you have a mid-sized 37 inch screen or a large 65 inch flat screen, the Kanto stand will handle anything within this range.

8. Rfiver Universal Swivel Tabletop TV Stand

Want a smaller TV stand for a table that can still support 50 or 55 inch screens? Rfiver offers a great 55 inch TV stand with mount that would work well not only in the living room but in bedrooms as well.

With six levels of height adjustment and a swiveling bracket you’ll be getting two important functions in this easy to use TV stand. This stand is also relatively lightweight which makes it very easy to move around the house so you can find the perfect spot for your television set.

9. TAVR Swivel Floor TV Stand with 3-In-1 Flat Panel

I felt obligated to put a second TAVR TV stand with mount on this list as they truly make some of the best ones out there.

This 3-in-1 TV stand has three levels of tempered glass shelves so that you can place just about anything you want right next to your TV. You have more than enough space for placing a soundbar, headphones, cable box, a gaming console or small external speakers.

The bottom shelf can hold up to 80 pounds and the two top shelves can each hold 30 pounds. If that kind of weight limit doesn’t impress you then I don’t know what will.

This is a fantastic choice for anyone who needs a 65 inch TV stand with mount and a lot of accessories to be neatly organized next to the screen.

10. TransDeco TV Stand with Mount


The TransDeco TV stand with mount may very well be one of the nicest looking TV stands ever made. It may be a little expensive but that’s because this is less of a typical TV stand and more of a beautiful piece of furniture.

Not only can the TransDeco hold massive TV screens up to 80 inches in size but its shelves are made out of some lovely looking dark oak hardwood. The finish of its construction is simply sublime and will undoubtedly look very nice in any living room or home theater room. Plus with its three levels of shelves and a 150 pound weight limit, you simply cannot go wrong with this kind of TV stand.

Buyer’s Guide for Best TV Stands with Mounts

Now that I’ve gotten you familiar with 10 of the best TV stands with mounts on the market, I want to offer you a bonus section where I’ll help you figure out how you can recognize the best TV stands on your own. After having read this section, you’ll be able to buy a TV stand with a mount by yourself without any problems.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the weight and screen size limit. You need to make sure that the TV stand you want will be able to support whatever television set you plan on mounting it to. Many TV stands with mounts have a wide range of support, like 35 inches to 75 inches for example.


Next, you need to think about how and where you are going to place your TV stand. If you want it resting on a cabinet then you’ll need a smaller TV stand that just has a base and a mount. These units typically weight around 10 pounds. If you want the TV stand to be the main platform itself then you’ll need a stand that is either on wheels or has its own shelf base like a small cabinet. These units can weigh anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds.

Extra Features

Getting a TV stand that has certain features is highly recommended. There are several functions you should watch out for when selecting a TV stand. If your TV stand has wheels then it should also have individual locking mechanisms for each wheel to prevent your stand and your TV from rolling away on its own.

If you have a lot of extra components you need next to your TV then make sure you have enough shelf space with your TV stand. That way your gaming console, cable box, sound system or whatever you need next to your TV will be conveniently located all in one spot.

Swivel Functionality

Swivel functions are probably one of the most important features a TV stand can have, depending on where you will be sitting relative to your TV. Being able to adjust the angle is an incredible convenience, especially for larger rooms. Some TV mounts will have only 30 degrees of swivel, and some will have 90 degrees or even more. If you want a swivel function – and you probably do – try to choose a TV stand that can rotate as much as possible.

Adjustable Height

Similarly to swiveling, height adjustment is another factor that helps you perfectly calibrate the viewing angle of your TV. Many TV stands with mounts have this feature, including those in lower price ranges so I recommend to strongly consider getting a TV stand that has this feature.


That’s all I have to say about the best TV stands with mounts. I hope you have enjoyed this top 10 list and the buyer’s guide on how to spot the best TV stands on your own. TV stands with mounts are a way to greatly improve your TV watching experience, add style to your living room, and also add utility such as shelving and small compartments. Choose the best one for your home. Thank you for reading and enjoy your new TV stand.