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How to Easily Change Roku TV Input!

Need to change your Roku TV input? Discover simple and effective methods



How to Easily Change Roku TV Input!

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Are you having trouble changing the input on your Roku TV? You can easily switch from one device to another by using simple methods. In this blog post, we’ll walk through practical ways to change the input on a Roku TV and troubleshoot any potential issues that come up along the way.

With step-by-step instructions tailored for different scenarios, you’ll be able to pick up a new device and start streaming media in no time. Let’s get started!

  • There are three methods for changing the input on a Roku TV: using the remote control, settings menu, and panel buttons.
  • Troubleshooting Roku inputs issues include checking for HDMI CEC feature compatibility, missing input options, and alternative input methods.
  • HDMI CEC is a convenient option to quickly switch inputs with the press of a button, which can be used between different equipment such as video game consoles and media players.
  • Accessories such as an HDMI switcher, adapter, or dongle can also be used if your TV has missing ports or no separate connections available for certain devices.

How to Change Input on Roku TV

There are three methods for changing the input on a Roku TV: using the remote control, setting up inputs in the Settings menu, or using panel buttons.

Using the remote control

It is possible to change the TV input on a Roku-enabled TV by using its remote control. To switch between inputs, press the Home button and navigate to Settings > TV Inputs. Here you will find all of the available input options for your device, such as HDMI 1, 2 or 3, etc. On some models like TCL® Roku TVs, there may be an alternative, more direct method using a specific input button on the remote which can be used to quickly and easily switch between different input sources. Additionally, depending on how your device has been set up, some TVs may feature an HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) setting that allows the television itself to select which source should broadcast when certain activities occur.

Using the settings menu

Navigating the Settings menu on a Roku TV is an easy way to switch the input. To change the input using this method, users first need to access the Home screen and select Settings from there. Then, users should choose TV Inputs from the settings menu in order to view all available inputs. The inputs will be divided between Inputs being used for currently connected devices and Inputs not used yet.

From here, users can easily switch between different sources by selecting the desired option from the list of available options—such as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, AV, or others—and pressing “OK” on their remote control to confirm their selection. On some TCL Roku TVs, it may be necessary to press the left arrow on the Remote’s directional pad to get into Settings before finding the TV Inputs option.

Using the panel buttons

When it comes to changing the input on Roku TV, there are several methods that you can use. One of the most popular methods is to press the panel buttons available on various models of Roku TV. By examining these buttons, it is possible to determine which button has been assigned for input selection.

Once this button has been located, pressing it will grant access to all available inputs for changing or setting up a different type of connection. To start setting up an alternate connection by employing the panel buttons, begin by turning on the Roku TV and locating said button associated with the input selection; then press and hold down this panel button until your desired option appears, and finally click ‘OK’ to complete the processes.

If you are having trouble navigating through inputs using only one remote control pad or function key simultaneously while in settings mode, then please consult manual device guidebooks, as backup instructions may be provided inside for further information about switching between various input options on your specific model of

Troubleshooting Roku TV Input Issues

When troubleshooting Roku TV input issues, check for compatibility with the HDMI CEC feature, any missing input options, and alternative input methods.

HDMI CEC feature

The HDMI-CEC feature of modern TVs and HDMI devices such as the Roku TV makes device switching and browsing easy with just one remote. By enabling the feature, users can expect a truly convenient experience since they don’t have to manually change inputs or settings when switching between different equipment.

With HDMI-CEC enabled, audio-visual equipment is able to communicate, which helps in simplifying tasks like powering on/off systems or changing input sources. This affordable yet very useful technology further allows for automatic sync and control by depending on the content that is being watched across multiple devices, including video game consoles, media players, digital set-top boxes, etc.

On Roku Television sets, this advancement can be used to quickly switch from streaming services such as Netflix to Apple TV+ without fumbling around with several remotes at once.

Missing input options

When trying to troubleshoot Roku TV input issues, one of the most common problems users run into is missing input options. In this scenario, it’s necessary for users to check their device’s settings and see if there are any available connections that aren’t showing up on the list of inputs. It’s important to note that hardware differences in certain models can cause certain inputs not to be detectable by a Roku TV.

  1. Confirm all cables are connected securely and firmly plugged in at both ends of the connection;
  2. Make sure any splitters used for multiple devices are functioning correctly;
  3. Double-check device or cable compatibility with your model – especially older equipment like VCRs and DVD players;
  4. Check internet connection as poor Wi-Fi performance or even disconnected networks could prevent detection from occurring;
  5. Try turning off HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) feature if enabled;
  6. Disconnect other active sources from Roku TV before adding additional ones; and 7 Toggle power on/off multiple times when connecting an external source such as cameras or gaming systems which may require longer operational time periods for recognition of device signals being present and detected by the television set automatically via HDMI HDCP protocol communication format settings activated between two different types of electronic media components simultaneously between them both through a third party physical connection type interface component bridging technology gap part pieces setup directly attached together & hooked up within each other along next inside beside itself located in same place..

Alternative input methods

  1. HDMI CEC feature: This is a convenient option to quickly switch inputs with the press of a button. All that needs to be done is enable this in the Home > Settings > TV Inputs menu and then select which input device you’d like to access from your Roku TV remote/panel buttons.
  2. Missing input options: Some users may find themselves in situations where their TV has missing ports or no separate connections available for different devices, such as gaming consoles, audio receivers, etc. In this case, it is possible to use accessories such as an HDMI switcher, adapter, or dongle that will allow them to connect multiple sources at once without manually switching between each one every time they want to go from playing games on their PlayStation 4 (PS4) console over watching movies on Netflix via the Roku streaming service.
  3. Alternative input methods: If all else fails and none of these solutions seem appealing enough, there are still other ways around changing the input source on your television set when using a Roku-connected streaming player — for example, by utilizing Wi-Fi display technology through third-party applications like Reflector2 or Nvidia Shield Streamer app alongside apps compatible with Xbox One’s Wireless Display software protocol for Windows 10 systems can achieve screen mirroring capabilities similar those supported inherently within many newer televisions sets today including but not limited to Samsung’s Allshare Cast system found exclusive only its proprietary Smart TVs sold both online & retail outlets alike inclusive even Amazon Prime customers!


Overall, changing the input on a Roku TV is a fairly straightforward and easy process. With all of the different methods available for switching inputs, you can customize your viewing experience and have access to all of the content that your device has to offer.

Additionally, troubleshooting any problems with input selection can be solved by checking out our helpful guides or consulting user manuals when needed. With this knowledge in hand, you should now feel confident in managing any changes or issues encountered while selecting inputs on your Roku TV.