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How to Clear the Cache on Your Samsung Galaxy S9

Want to know how to free up some memory on your Samsung Galaxy S9? Here’s how to clear the cache.



Clearing the Cache for Samsung S9

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Smartphones have a lot in common with modern day PCs these days. Just like regular computers, smartphones can accumulate a lot of temporary files in the cache which can lead to some issues in the long term. If your phone started out as a completely smooth device but eventually started to lose its speed, then maybe it’s time you learned how to clear the cache on Samsung S9.

Clearing the cache on Samsung S9 can actually do more than improve the processing speed. In some situations, it can even improve issues that cause heavy lag, freezing and other bugs that impact the overall performance of your smartphone. This makes clearing the cache on Samsung S9 a great option to do before you do any extreme methods like going for the factory reset.

Instructions on Clearing the Cache for Samsung S9

Luckily, clearing the cache on Samsung S9 is a pretty simple process and will only take a few minutes of your time.

First, from your home menu, find the “Settings” app icon and tap on it.

From the Settings menu page, locate the “Device care” tab and tap it.

You’ll now see a few icons displayed at the bottom of your screen. Find the one that reads “Storage” and tap on it.

Now you’ll see a list of which categories of files are taking up space on your phone, such as videos and photos and apps. Above that list should be an option that says “CLEAN NOW” which will automatically go through these files and clean them up.

How to Clear the Cache on Galaxy S9

Don’t worry about losing any personal data such as the videos or photos themselves. Selecting “CLEAN NOW” will only delete temporary files and cache data. Depending on how long it has been since you’ve cleared the cache on Samsung S9, this can remove anywhere from a couple megabytes to a few hundred. This will not only hopefully speed up your phone a little bit but will also give you a little more storage.

That’s all you have to do to clear the cache for your Samsung S9. Thank you for reading and hopefully your smartphone is in better shape and will now provide the performance boost you were looking for.