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The ClearStream 2V vs the ClearStream 2Max: Which TV Antenna Should You Buy?

Want to know the difference between the two? Find out here!



ClearStream 2V vs ClearStream 2Max

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With so many options these days to gain access to nearly unlimited amounts of television content, why not consider getting yourself a good quality TV antenna? As universal as platforms like Hulu and Netflix are, their subscription prices have only gone up over the past couple of years. A TV antenna offers some advantages you may not have considered before, such as getting access to free over the air TV stations that require no fees.

But which TV antenna should you get? Today we answer that question by looking at two great products from ClearStream: the 2V and the 2Max. They’re both from the same company and they even have similar sounding names, but just how much alike are they really? Which one deserves our top recommendation? Let’s find out.

ClearStream 2V vs ClearStream 2Max Specification Comparison

Both the ClearStream 2V and the ClearStream 2Max are outdoor TV antennas. This means that you should place them on the side of your home on the upper floor next to a window or on your roof so they will work most effectively. They both have a range of around 60 miles and have a multi-directional style, meaning that you don’t have to point them in a specific direction for them to pick up a signal.

The ClearStream 2V weights about 4 pounds and is a few inches larger and wider than the ClearStream 2Max, which weighs about 1.8 pounds.

ClearStream 2V vs ClearStream 2Max Similarities

As you may have already guessed, the ClearStream 2V and 2Max are going to have a lot in common. In many ways, the ClearStream 2Max is simply the newest version of the 2V.

For starters, both the ClearStream 2V and 2Max can both be installed indoors or outdoors. They both even come packaged with an indoor mount so that you can properly have it standing up inside your home. While they are likely to acquire a better signal when mounted outdoors, you may be living in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow you to have such devices placed on the roof. This makes both of these TV antennas very versatile.

As mentioned in the previous section, both the ClearStream 2V and the ClearStream 2Max have a 60-mile range. This makes both of them great choices for people living in both rural regions and suburban neighborhoods. Keep in mind that objects like rough foliage or trees and nearby woods can interrupt the signals so no matter where you live, it is still recommended to mount your TV antenna as high as you can.

Both antennas are what’s known as multi-directional TV antennas. They can receive signals from all 360-degree angles. This is why both TV antennas have their unique circular design to them.

What this means in practical terms is that it doesn’t actually matter how you point or orient these TV antennas. A directional antenna must be pointed in a specific direction to pick up signals. If there is a TV tower to the west, you must point that antenna to the west. But with these multi-directional TV antennas, there is no pointing involved whatsoever.

Another cool thing about the ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 2Max is that they are fairly easy to install. Even if one of these ended up being your first ever TV antenna, I doubt you would have any issues setting it up. Both the 2V and the 2Max are known as whole-home ready, meaning they can be connected to multiple television sets all at once. They are also compatible with high-definition signals so you can even use them to catch 4K broadcast signals if any are in your vicinity.

They both also feature a lifetime warranty, which is a wonderful peace of mind.

One last point to mention about both of these TV antennas is the ClearStream Antenna Point App. This is a smartphone application that will actually show you all of the TV broadcast towers in your area. This is a very convenient tool so that you’ll know which towers are within range of your TV antennas. This app is completely free for both Android and Apple devices.

ClearStream 2V vs ClearStream 2Max Differences

Despite putting out two different TV antennas, there is actually very little that separates these two ClearStream devices. The 2V and the 2Max are almost identical in their looks and their functionality. While the ClearStream 2Max is the newer product, it has nearly identical specs to its 2V predecessor.

The only real difference between the two that I could tell is that the 2Max is a smaller device. It sports all of the functionality of the 2V but in a way that is slightly more portable and is half the weight. I suppose this might come in handy for some people who really need a lightweight TV antenna for some reason.

It might be worth mentioning that the ClearStream 2V and the ClearStream 2Max have a difference regarding their UHD and VHF frequency specs, but not enough to cause any noticeable difference with signal or picture quality.

ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 2Max Pros
  • Cool and modern sleek design
  • Both are multi-directional TV antennas
  • Both can handle 4K ultra high-definition signals
  • Can be used to support multiple TV sets at the same time
  • ClearStream Antenna Point App is convenient
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight frame
  • Easy installation
ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 2Max Cons
  • It is sort of unclear why the 2Max exists in the first place besides the lighter weight
  • 4K technology is not too popular among TV broadcast towers currently

Final Verdict

Because both of these ClearStream TV antennas are so similar, it can be very hard to decide which one to recommend. It might be best to take the easy route and say that it doesn’t even matter which one you get as they’re both reliable and well worth every dollar.

However, after careful consideration it has to be said that the ClearStream 2Max is the superior model out of the two. This is because of two reasons only: it is a little less heavy making it easier for all sorts of mounting and installation, and it doesn’t seem to be going out of stock like the ClearStream 2V is. This means that finding yourself a ClearStream 2Max will probably be much easier.

Don’t get me wrong, if you manage to find yourself a 2V then by all means go for it. It’s still a great TV antenna, but the 2Max looks a little sleeker and probably won’t be as much of a hassle to locate, so you shouldn’t go out of your way to look for the 2V when the 2Max will do just fine.

Hopefully you’ve learned a little bit about what makes TV antennas so special and are motivated to get one for yourself. Thank you for reading and happy signal hunting!