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The Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application – What is it and Should You Delete it?

If you have a Windows computer then you might be wondering whether or not to delete the digital TV tuner device registration application. Find out here.



Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

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A lot of Windows users have been recently asking about a background program that is being detected by various anti-virus and anti-malware software. This program is known as the Digital TV Tuner device registration application, and according to these security and protection programs, this piece of background software is slowing down PC processes. This background process has begun to raise the question of whether or not the good that it brings outweighs the bad.

This program is found on a variety of Windows computers regardless of the operating software in question. People with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 have all reported having this application, so this issue is fairly widespread.

The problem though is that people aren’t sure if this is a program that they should remove for good. It isn’t certain whether this is a random program that can be safely removed or if it serves a more vital purpose to the overall maintenance of a computer. That’s why we’re going to get to the bottom of the Digital TV Tuner device issue below.

The Purpose of the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

While it may seem like a program worthy of concern, the Digital TV Tuner device registration application actually serves a rather harmless function. This application is what’s known as a background startup program meaning that it will be activated whenever you turn on your PC. As it is idle in the background it will begin to start using up resources when you are watching digital TV channels that are being routed from your cable TV provider to your PC.

In other words the Digital TV Tuner device registration application is a necessary component when it comes to viewing cable programming on your PC device. Removing it would therefore be a bad idea if you use this digital cable viewing feature on a regular basis.

How Performance Heavy Is the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

The Digital TV tuner device registration application can also be viewed by its name “ehPrivJob.exe”, which is what its official file name reads as a main process in your computer’s Task Manager. This .exe file is essentially a part of the Windows Media Center found in various iterations of the Windows operating software.

To view this, simply right-click on your taskbar located at the bottom of your screen and select Task Manager from the sub-menu that appears. As you scroll down, underneath the sub-heading of “Background Processes” you will be able to find the ehPrivJob.exe process and see how much of your CPU’s resources are being used by this program.

Some users have reported that this .exe can take up as much as 70% of CPU resources. However, it is our opinion that such intense usage is a lot less common than some may say. For one thing, certain security or anti-malware programs don’t always have the most accurate diagnostics.

The more important thing to keep in mind is that different PCs are made out of different components, such as the RAM or the CPU. As a result, some PCs will experience no issues with the Digital TV Tuner device registration application and some older or more outdated ones will experience noticeable slowdown.

It’s important to note that the TV tuner main process is at its most performance heavy when digital cable viewing is currently enabled on the PC. When it comes to regular functions like browsing the internet the ehPrivJob.exe will merely run idle in the background and should consume very little resources.

Is the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Worth Keeping?

In the majority of situations, the ehPrivJob.exe will not be able to cause the intense kinds of slowdown that makes regular PC usage a hassle. People with more modern or more powerful PCs should not have to worry about it.

The people who should consider removing the ehPrivJob.exe process are those with older, slower computers that may have out of date CPUs or are low on RAM. As discussed earlier, you can always view how many resources the Digital TV Tuner device registration application is taking up in the Task Manager.

In the tab marked “Processes” look for the “ehPribJob.exe” file and see how much memory it is taking up. If it is at a high number, particularly when you’re not using the Windows Media Center or any digital cable viewing then feel free to remove or deactivate it.

There are some rare instances in which this process can go a little haywire and begin creating an abnormally large number of registry files that can clog up your storage device. In cases like this it would then be beneficial to remove the Digital TV tuner application, especially when you are not using any digital cable viewing applications yourself.

We hope this article has helped you in the event that the Digital TV Tuner device registration application has been causing your PC any unnecessary issues. Thank you for reading and be sure to share this piece with anyone with similar questions regarding this application.