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Download vChannel for Windows or Mac Free – Plus Installation Guide

Get vChannel for free here with step by step instructions on how to get it running on your computer.



Download vChannel for PC

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vChannel is a great free app available for PC users using Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista and 10 as well as Mac and Android platforms. It’s an app that streams live entertainment content including music and movies. vChannel is an all in one entertainment package that satisfies all your streaming needs from the convenience of one single app. Its compatibility across both smartphone and desktop machines makes it an ideal choice for a variety of different users.

Officially, this app is only available for Android users as it was mainly designed to be used as an all in one media player for portable devices. But if you are using Windows or Mac, you are in luck. Below we will teach you how to acquire this app using our simple installation instructions. If you want vChannel for Android then just head on over to the Google Play Store and search for it as you normally would for any other app.

Here are some additional details about vChannel

vChannel operates using RSS video player software. RSS is a common and reputable media player that can play a large variety of different files. This helps make the app have wide ranging usage. It allows you to access channels for streaming a variety of programs based off of your tastes. The app also has faster loading times than the average app and even supports Chromecast feeds in case you have that set up already.

vChannel is also a great choice because you can save your favorite shows into a personalized playlist. If you ever come across a program that you really enjoyed and want to watch again for later then you can simply save it into your Favorites list so that it will always be readily accessible.

You will also receive the benefits of fast updates if you get vChannel for PC or for Mac. While it was originally designed as an Android app, there is no doubt that vChannel works better on desktop or laptop devices. Thanks to the improved processing power, you can download updates faster and videos will load faster as well.

While vChannel should be compatible with many different versions of Apple and Microsoft operating software, it is recommended to always have the latest versions to increase the odds of successful compatibility. That way you can enjoy media streaming with as few errors or glitches as possible.

Here’s how you can download vChannel for PC or Mac

As mentioned previously, the vChannel is officially designated for Android platforms only. Getting it on a PC or laptop will require some extra steps and installation of additional software to make it run on your device. What you need is something called an Android Emulator. Here are the instructions:

Step 1: You must download an Android emulator. An android emulator is what allows you to utilize Android software on a different system. We recommend Bluestacks as it is very easy and user friendly. You can download it here.

Step 2: Follow the installation instructions. They are quite simple and work like any other executable file.

Step 3: Once downloading and installation are complete, you can open Bluestacks, then locate the My Apps folder

Step 4: Click on System Apps

Step 5: Here you will see a list of several different apps that are installed already. Find and click on Google Play Store

Step 6: In the Play Store menu search for “vChannel” and then click on the install the app button

Step 7: Wait for the download and installation process to complete. One it is done, vChannel for PC or Mac will be ready to use from the get go. Return to your Bluestacks homepage main menu and locate the vChannel app and then you can get started

That’s all there is to it. It’s only a slightly longer process than it would be for an actual Android device, but the extra bit of effort is well worth the final product. Enjoy your streaming!