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Activate Developer Mode for Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Turning on developer mode for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is easy. Just follow these simple steps!



Developer Mode for Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is a great phone not just for casual fans of smartphones but for people with more experience using the Android operating software. With a little extra work you can unlock some more advanced features that will open up a whole new world of functionality right at your fingertips. One of these features is called Developer Mode.

Developer Mode is useful due to a couple of helpful features it provides. One of these is called Enable USB Debugging. With this you will be allowed to upgrade the firmware of your device, install custom ROMs or even connect your smartphone to a specialized debugging tool.

Another great feature is limiting the background processes. This will make the performance of your phone as optimal as possible by putting a cap on the amount of apps that can run all at once. There are other useful functions too like speeding up device animations, setting a fake location for your GPS, and more.

If all of this sounds intriguing to you, then check out our instructions on how to enable Developer Mode for Galaxy Note 8.

Activate Developer Mode Now

First, from your Galaxy Note 8 you will head to the Application icon. Then tap on the Open Settings menu option. Next, under the Settings option you will tap on the option that reads About Phone. Then select Software Information.

Scroll down this page and find the Build Number option. Tap on it a few times until you receive a message that should read “Developer Mode has been enabled”.

Go back to the Settings page and now you will see Developer Options. Tap on this and enjoy the new features available to you and your phone.

Enable Developer Mode for Galaxy Note 8