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Exodus Live TV: The APK Download for Android OS

Stream a huge variety of regional channels from the USA, UK and even Africa or Asia by following our guide on how to download and install.



Exodus Live TV for Android

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If you have never heard of this app before, be prepared to discover a whole new world of television streaming. The Exodus Live App is an IPTV app for Android. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, and essentially means it’s a television service that unlike cable or satellite acquires its signals and its content from an internet connection. Internet based television streaming is the rage these days because it offers a much wider variety of content than older, traditional methods of watching TV.

The Exodus app hosts an extremely large amount of content and varying channels from various regions, most particularly the United States. HBO, CBS, ESPN, Disney, ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox and many more are all available to stream. Exodus also has access to other countries such as the entire UK: England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

The Exodus app itself is well designed and separates programs based off of various categories, including religion, sports, comedy, drama, kids and entertainment, documentaries, horror, anime and much more. The diversity of content you can get from this one app is undeniably impressive ,which is why we highly recommend it. No matter what your tastes are you will very likely be able to find something that suits your needs.

While Exodus is simple and free to use, the “freemium” version comes with ads. They are not too intrusive and you are probably already used to advertisements alongside your television shows. However for those willing to spend a little money to support the developers and are looking for an upgrade, Exodus does have a “premium” version that contains no ads. We recommend only trying this option after having already tested the free version.

Exodus Live TV contains many great features and applications itself that make the entire viewing experience as smooth and as intuitive as possible. Exodus’ streaming contains a low rate of buffering, and buffering essentially means loading the video. Their servers are surprisingly reliable for a 3rd party piece of software, even with the free version of the app. Exodus also supports high definition content. Some channels will only feature standard pixel definition (480p) which can’t be helped due to the age or the budget of the show in question. Luckily, with hundreds of different channels, many of them will be available in 720p or even in 1080p for a full HD experience. This makes it a top choice for anyone who is picky about the resolution of their video media.

Another underrated aspect of Exodus Live TV is the lack of creating an account or syncing up an e-mail address. Many people are wary of giving out information to a 3rd party piece of software like this due to the fear of receiving many unsolicited spam letters in their inbox. But Exodus eliminates this anxiety by completely doing away with the unnecessary process. Having an e-mail address linked to a payment option makes sense but since Exodus is free, they ended up going down the most logical and most painless option for you.

We also can’t stress enough how simple and intuitive the user-interface is for this app. It’s certainly much smoother than channel surfing off of any regular cable or satellite service. It’s about as comprehensive a database as something like Netflix but manages to have search options as simple as Youtube’s. As we already implied earlier, this is an incredible way to expand the amount of quality media and content you can gain access to.

So how do you begin downloading and installing this hyped up application?

The first thing you will need to do on your Android device is to open up your Settings menu. We’re going to tinker with the security settings in just a minor way. What you should understand is that the default Android security settings are there to protect your device from malware or other sorts of harmful files or viruses. The reason we need to alter these settings is because while Exodus is a reputable and excellent app, it is 3rd party. It is not something that is officially listed on the Google App Play Store for example. So in order for your device to accept and be rendered compatible with Exodus, this next step is necessary.

In the Settings menu, click on Lock screen and security / Security. From the next page that pops up, click on Unknown Sources / Apps from Unknown Sources. Now click on Enable.

How to download Exodus live TV APK - Step 1

With that done, you can now download Exodus Live TV from the link we are providing right here. Now just simply open the APK file, follow the simple installation instructions and now you’re completely set. Exodus Live TV has been successfully installed on your Android OS device.

How to download Exodus live TV APK - Step 2

We hope our guide on installing Exodus has been fruitful and helpful to you. This is a great app with a lot of content that is just waiting to be unearthed. Like many other IPTV plans, Exodus Live TV is really pushing the envelope, and helping bring television and its audience into a new age of online convenience. Don’t miss out on this cutting-edge experience. Give Exodus Live TV a shot today.