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Solutions to the Android Authentication Error for Wi-Fi

Have you been getting the annoying the Android Authentication Wi-Fi Error? Check out these quick fixes to get rid of it.



Fixing the Android Authentication Wi-Fi Error

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Some Android phone users have been encountering the “WiFi Authentication Error” lately. This is a pesky little notification that prevents you from connecting your smartphone to a wi-fi hot spot. If you have also been experiencing the “WiFi Authentication Error” message then lucky for you we have several potential solutions below. Android errors can be caused by a variety of sources so it is important to try as many different angles as possible to detect and get rid of the culprit.

Solution 1: Reset Your Wi-Fi Connection

Let’s start with the most simple method: reestablishing the connection between your Android device and your Wi-Fi. Simply disconnecting and reconnecting with the connection didn’t work for us or many other people so the odds are it probably won’t work for you either. But removing the wifi network entirely from your phone’s system and then completely setting up the connection again could remove the “WiFi Authentication Error” problem.

To do this, first you will have to go into your device’s Settings menu. You can do this by tapping on the app icon that’s in the shape of a gear. Then tap on the option that corresponds to your online connectivity (it will be labeled as “Wi-Fi”, “Connections”, “Internet” or something like that). Find the network that you have issues connecting to. Tap on it and then select “Forget” or “Forget Network”. This will remove all settings associated with this network from your phone.

Reset Your Wi-Fi Connection - Step 1Reset Your Wi-Fi Connection - Step 2Reset Your Wi-Fi Connection - Step 3

Now reestablish connection with this Wi-Fi network and go through the typical process of inputting the password. See if you can reconnect to this network and if the “WiFi Authentication Error” still appears. If it does then move onto our next step.

Solution 2: Activate Airplane Mode

This is another simple and quick method. Airplane mode normally allows you to still engage in wireless functionalities like Bluetooth or wi-fi. What may happen on occasion is that the mobile network of your phone can sometimes interfere with the wi-fi network itself. Airplane mode disables radio-frequencies and might clear up the airwaves, so to speak.

Activate Airplane Mode

Turn on Airplane mode from the drop-down menu by swiping down from the main menu page. If this solution works then your phone should reestablish connection with the wi-fi network almost immediately. If it does then you can turn off Airplane mode and get back to your regular business. If it doesn’t work and the “WiFi Authentication Error” still appears then try our next solution.

Solution 3: Change the IP Settings of the Wireless Network

Sometimes these wireless authentication issues are caused by Internet Protocol or IP issues. Some Android users have had success with reestablishing wi-fi connection with a simple method related to the IP settings.

To do this, head back into the Settings menu. Tap on the option for your wireless connections (“Wi-fi”, “Connections”, etc.) and tap on the network in question. A sub-menu should appear displaying both the IP address and an option that you will tap on: “Show advanced options”.

A new option labeled as “IP Settings” will appear that displays two methods, DHCP and Static. Odds are you are currently using the default option which is DHCP, so you want to look at the info displayed in the Static option. It will show you an IP address. What you want to do is right down the IP address so you don’t forget it. Then delete the info from the IP address field and re-type it in exactly as it was, then tap on Save. Make sure you have the address written exactly as it once was.

Change the IP Settings - Step 1Change the IP Settings - Step 2Change the IP Settings - Step 3Change the IP Settings - Step 4Change the IP Settings - Step 5

If this doesn’t fix the “WiFi Authentication Error” then you can try our final step below.

Solution 4: Refresh the Network Settings

If the previous three solutions didn’t solve your problem then this last one may do the trick, although it does involve deleting some settings from your phone. You don’t have to worry too much as it won’t remove any data such as apps or multimedia files. It will only reset all information and settings related to wi-fi, mobile data and Bluetooth connections.

First, head into your Settings menu and find the option named “Reset network settings”. Depending on your Android device, it can be found under different sub-menus such as “Backup & Reset” or “General Management”. If your device has a search function in the Settings menu then you can simply type in “Reset network settings” to find it easily.

Tap on “Reset network settings” and from this page tap on “Reset Settings” next. This will remove all data and configurations related to wireless connections. Now reconnect to your wi-fi network and hopefully the “WiFi Authentication Error” will be gone for good.

Refresh the Network Settings - Step 1Refresh the Network Settings - Step 2Refresh the Network Settings - Step 3