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What to Do When Your Fitbit Alta Won’t Charge

If your Fitbit Alta won’t charge for some reason, take a look at this list of simple solutions that should take care of the problem in no time.



Fitbit Alta Not Charging

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One of the most annoying things that can happen to any of your electronic devices is when the battery refuses to charge. Unfortunately, this has become a relatively common issue among Fitbit Alta owners. Fortunately for you all, there are multiple things you can do to alleviate this problem.

It’s important to note that an electronic device that refuses to charge its batteries can act up this way due to a number of causes. Make sure to test out each of our presented solutions below until you find one that puts your Fitbit Alta back into tip top shape.

1. Examine the Charging Cable

Sometimes what happens with the Fitbit Alta not charging is that the USB charging cable has become either damaged or is in improper shape. Sometimes modern electronic devices have fairly sensitive ports and need the charging cable to be plugged in as tightly as possible.

Examine both ends of your Fitbit Alta charging cable. Look to see if the cable has gotten wet, has any bent connections or any other weird signs like that. If you see any noticeable signs of damage then you may simply need to replace your cable with a newer one. If it is particularly dirty then try cleaning it and see if this makes a difference.

Also, be sure to examine if the charging cable is plugged in correctly all the way in the event that the Fibit Alta is not charging.

2. Plug in the Fitbit Alta into Different Sources

If you normally plug in your Fitbit Alta into a PC USB port then try plugging it into a different port or even a wall socket with a USB adapter. Sometimes devices just begin behaving strangely with the charging port they are normally plugged into due to firmware changes.

If you still experience the Fitbit Alta not charging issue even when plugging it into different sources and your cable is in good condition, then in all odds the issue is probably with the Fitbit Alta itself, which brings us to our next tip.

3. Restart your Fitbit Alta

One solution that has worked for some people is to refresh the Fitbit Alta’s tracker memory. This refresh process will act much like how restarting a smartphone or a computer works and can give your tracker device the cleansing that it needs.

To do this, first you should plug in your Fitbit Alta into a USB port. It can be a wall socket with an adapter or a computer USB port. Make sure that the connection between the tracker and the USB cable is as firm as it normally should be.

Next, you should press the button that is located on the USB cable three times with a slight pause of about a second in between each button press. This small round button is found on the end of the cable that connects into the USB slot, not the Fibit Alta itself. You should both feel your Fitbit Alta begin to vibrate and see the Fitbit logo appear on the device. This means that the restart process has begun. Now unplug your Fitbit tracker, wait for the refresh process to complete and then plug it back in to see if it the Fitbit Alta not charging issue has gone away.

If none of these tips have solved your charging issue then the odds are that your Fitbit Alta is suffering a hardware problem rather than a software problem. We would then recommend contacting Fitbit for support or taking your tracker to a repair shop to see if they can diagnose your problem.

Hopefully the dreaded Fitbit Alta not charging issue has already been cleared up for you. Thank you for reading and we hope that things are back to normal for you and your tracker.