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Samsung Galaxy S9 Not Charging Anymore? Here Are Some Solutions

If your Galaxy S9 isn’t charging, there are a variety of things you can do to fix it. Check out each of the solutions here.



Samsung Galaxy S9 Not Charging Fix

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While smartphones can be prone to a variety of errors and problems, not being able to charge your phone may very well be the worst one. And unfortunately, these kinds of annoying errors can be somewhat common. Like many smartphone problems, there are a number of potential causes for these issues. That’s why we have several potential solutions listed below to be as thorough as possible.

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 refuses to charge its internal battery no matter how many times you’ve plugged it in, try all of our tips below until you find one that works for you.

The “Moisture Detected” Error Notification

Newer models of Samsung Android phones have been receiving the “moisture detected” error notification. This is primarily because Samsung phones now come with higher-end water and moisture detectors that are normally located inside of the charging port. These detectors are more sensitive than you think. They are designed to let you know that water or moisture have entered your smartphone and it is therefore too risky to let it charge with said moisture on the inside.

If you cannot charge your Samsung Galaxy S9 because of this error, or if this error pops up every time you try to charge your phone, there are a couple of things you can do to solve or circumvent this issue.

The first thing you should do is try to air dry your phone. Place your phone in a standing position in a room that is dry and warm. You may have to wait a couple of hours for this to work. We recommend turning off your phone while doing this as you may already be low on battery life.

Another thing you can do is to charge your phone using a wireless charger. This can be a great temporary solution to give your phone some extra juice while you are waiting for the port to dry out.

Wireless Charging Is Not Working

Let’s say you’ve already tried to use a wireless charger and your S9 phone still refuses to charge. The first thing you should do is use another wireless charger just in case the one you’re currently using is defective. If your phone doesn’t work with any other wireless charger then you should contact Samsung and consider bringing in your phone to a technician to see if they can repair your model.

Wired Cable Charging Is Not Working

Similarly to the previous step, if your Samsung Galaxy S9 refuses to charge via a USB cable then you should immediately try to use a different charging cable. Hopefully the problem is only with the cable and not the phone.

Also consider plugging in your phone into different sources as the problem may even be with the outlet or the port. If you have multiple USB ports on your computer then try them all. Some USB cables only work with certain ports and this incompatibility issue may be the cause of a lack of a charge.

If you plug your S9 phone into the wall outlet using a power adapter then try using either different wall outlets or different power adapters as well. If you still get no change in your situation then move on to the next step.

Reboot Galaxy S9 in Safe Mode

Before moving onto more extreme measures it could be helpful to see if this problem still persists in Safe Mode. Rebooting in Safe Mode can also be beneficial because if you suspect that any recent downloads are the source of your charging issue then you can remove them and then see if your phone will start charging again.

First, turn your device off. Then you will want to power it on again except you will hold down the power button for a few moments. When the Samsung logo appears, then you will immediately stop holding down the power button and then press and hold the Volume Down button. Keep on holding down this key for the remainder of the booting process.

Your phone should now boot in Safe Mode. Check to see if it will now accept a charge. If not then you can take this opportunity to uninstall any recent apps and see if this causes any improvements.

Galaxy S9 Reset Settings / Factory Data Reset

While these charging issues are normally caused by a problem with hardware, there is a chance that it is actually being caused by a software issue instead. If you still aren’t ready to take in your phone for either repairs or a replacement, try these two methods of resetting your phone’s data.

First, go into your Settings menu (the blue icon with the gear symbol). Then scroll down and select General Management. Then select Reset. You will now be on a page that will display a few options but we’re only concerned with two of them for this purpose.

The first method is the less extreme of the two, which is the Reset Settings option. Selecting this will reset all of your phone’s settings to their original status but without deleting apps or other data and files such as photos or videos. Try this option and then allow your S9 phone to reboot and see if it solves any “moisture detected” notifications or allows your phone to charge.

If this didn’t work then you can consider using the more extreme of the two methods: Factory data reset. This will not only reset all phone settings but completely delete any new data or apps you have downloaded or installed and restore your phone to its original status, as if it were a new phone. If you want to use this option then we highly recommend you back up your personal data and files onto an SD card or onto a computer, or using the Samsung Cloud App.

After selecting Factory Data Reset, your phone will reboot. If it still doesn’t let you charge your phone then your S9 must have a hardware problem after all, not a software one. Contact your phone provider or nearest Android phone technician and let them know about your charging issues so they can get you sorted out.