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Solution to “Messenger keeps stopping” error for Samsung Galaxy S10

Having trouble with Facebook Messenger on your Galaxy S10? Check out this list of solutions to take care of the problem.



How to fix “Messenger keeps stopping” error on Galaxy S10

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You may have been very excited to receive your new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, until one very annoying message kept on popping up and ruining your day. The “Messenger keeps stopping” error notification for Facebook Messenger is one that many Samsung S10 owners have been experiencing lately. It is a pretty annoying and persistent bug but luckily we have found multiple solutions that may be the answer to your prayers. Be sure to try them all out until you find the one that puts your S10 phone back in perfect condition.

Solution 1: Reinstall Your Messenger App

One of the first things one should always do when an application is encountering an issue is to reinstall the app. While random errors like “Messenger keeps stopping” can be caused by any number of issues, one of the most likely culprits is a problem with the app in question.
Sometimes an update or the installation of another program can cause unforeseen consequences. A re-installation can help to amend these problems.

All you have to do to reinstall your app is to go to its icon on your S10 phone. Hold the Messenger app icon down with your finger for a few seconds until a mini menu pops up. Simply select the Uninstall option. Then restart your Galaxy S10 phone before reinstalling it just to be safe. If this didn’t solve your issue then move on to the next solution below.

Solution 2: Restart Your S10 Smartphone Device

If reinstalling the app didn’t solve your “Messenger keeps stopping” troubles then perhaps restarting your phone itself will do the trick. It may very well be possible that this error is caused by something in the system of your phone rather than with the app’s integrity. Refreshing your Samsung Galaxy S10 could be just the thing that it needs to help clear up its data. Luckily, this is a pretty easy and quick process and will only take you a couple of minutes to complete.

First, you must turn off your Galaxy S10 phone if it is still on. Next you will hold down both the Power and the Volume Down buttons for approximately 10 seconds. Eventually, you will be brought to a new screen known as Maintenance Boot Mode.

With Maintenance boot Mode, you will see a couple of options. All you have to do is select the Normal Boot option. This process will take anywhere from one to two minutes to complete. Once it is done your phone will power on like it normally does. Access the Facebook Messenger app to check for the “Messenger keeps stopping” error.

Solution 3: Activate Force Stop

It may be the case that the “Messenger keeps stopping” problem is being caused by the Facebook Messenger app failing to load properly. It may be crashing thanks to a specific kind of bug that can go away after a specific kind of restarting. There are a couple of ways to go about this.

The first method involves the Recent Apps key. This is the touch pad key to the left of the center Home button. Press this and look for your Messenger app. It will appear in this sliding menu if you used or opened up the app recently.

The second method is slightly less simple but will only take a few moments. First, go into your Settings menu. The icon for the Settings app should be a blue icon with a white gear on it. From the Settings menu, tap on Apps, then tap on the More Settings icon located in the upper right hand corner of the page (it should look like a three dotted icon).

Next you will tap on the Show System Apps option and you will be brought to a list of applications. Find the Messenger app and tap on it, then select the Force Stop option.

Solution 4: Clearing the App Cache

One of the more popular ways to deal with a variety of application errors such as “Messenger keeps stopping” for Galaxy Samsung phones is to clear the app cache. Like the previous solution, this involves heading into your phone’s Settings menu.

From the Settings menu, tap on Apps, then tap on the three dotted icon to access More Settings. Next, you will select Show System Apps, then locate the Messenger app and select it. From this Messenger app menu you will tap on the option that says Storage, then finally you will select the Clear Cache option.

Final Remarks

Hopefully you have already fixed this irritating “Messenger keeps stopping” error and your Galaxy S10 phone is back in tip top shape. We hope one of these solutions solved your problem and we thank you for reading.