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A Quick Fix for Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Receiving Messages

If your Galaxy S7 is mysteriously not successfully receiving messages, this quick fix will solve the problem for you.



Fix for Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Receiving Texts

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Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 have been reporting issues related to receiving messages. This problem can occur with either only one number or several. If you can still send texts to recipients but can’t receive any yourself then you are not the only one. Luckily, we have discovered a fix for this annoying bug.

The culprit of this one-way incoming message error is due to a fault in the text messaging blocked number list. This explains why you can still send texts but not receive them as your Samsung Galaxy S7 incorrectly believes you have blocked these numbers.

Follow the instructions below to rectify this problem.

1. Head into your Messages app. Press “More” in the top right corner to reveal a drop down box. Click on “Settings” which should appear at the bottom of this short list.

Fix for Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Receiving Messages - Step 1

Step 1

2. Now that you are in Messages Settings, press “Block Messages” which should be the fourth option down on the page.

Fix for Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Receiving Messages - Step 2

Step 2

3. Now press on “Block List” on the following page. This will be the first option.

Fix for Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Receiving Messages - Step 3

Step 3

4. Make sure that the following page of blocked numbers is empty. Or if you already had a few blocked numbers before, make sure the numbers you want to receive messages from do not show up on this page. If any numbers you don’t want to block show up here then just delete them from the list.

Fix for Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Receiving Messages - Step 4

Step 4

Further Troubleshooting

In case a number you were looking to unblock did not show up on the Samsung Galaxy S7’s blocked list and you still cannot receive messages from it, try the following:

1. Delete the number from your phone (Messages, Contact application, etc.)

2. Delete the conversation that you had with the number in question

3. Prepare to turn off your Galaxy S7. Leave it off for 10-30 seconds and make sure it is not charging. Then turn it back on.

4. Add the number back into your contact list and proceed to text them again and wait for a reply.

If these extra steps did not work then the problem could very well be from the sender’s side and not yours. Make sure this person is indeed capable of sending messages to other numbers besides yourself to verify if the problem persists. You or the sender may have to contact your cellular phone provider to follow up on your device’s issues.