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What to Do if Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Power On

If your Galaxy S8 won’t turn on, don’t panic. Try these steps and it should be back to normal in no time.



How To Fix Galaxy S8 Won’t Turn On

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Quite possibly the most inconvenient thing that could ever happen with your phone is when it refuses to turn on. Internet and recharging issues are one thing, but they still aren’t as bad as having no power at all. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is known to be subject to this problem. Sometimes there’s a flashing light with nothing else but a black screen, but many times the LED doesn’t even activate either. If these symptoms match your case then check out the following tips to try and reactivate your smartphone.

Step 1: Different cables and power sources

It may seem a little obvious but you should always try using different gear to make sure that it isn’t your phone that’s the culprit. Maybe you just have a faulty charging cable. Use a different USB cable and a different computer and see if that alleviates any issues.

You should also check that your USB charging cable is up to date. Some people have experienced more issues using USB 2.0, so if you are planning on buying a replacement cable then you should definitely make sure that it’s USB 3.0 as these are just prone to less issues.

Step 2: Soft and Hard Resets

A soft reset is a way to reset your phone as an overriding procedure. These features are made in the off chance that normally resetting doesn’t work due to frozen screens and the like. To do this on your Galaxy S8 simply hold both the power button and the volume down button for 10 seconds and wait and see if this starts up your phone.

You are also welcome to try what is known as a hard reset. This involves holding the power, volume down and home buttons for 10 seconds. This is more than a reboot or restarting. This will trigger the default factory settings. This means your phone will go back to its original state when out of the box and delete any data that wasn’t there to begin with. It’s a shame but you may have to lose your photos, contact information and applications. Feel free to safe this step as a last resort in case nothing else works.

Step 3: Boot in Safe Mode

One of the most common ways to force your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone to turn back on is to initiate a phase called Safe Mode. This is a function that is similar to the Safe Mode feature found on Windows computers. Activating Safe Mode on your Galaxy S8 phone will not delete or format any of your data nor will it restart it back to default factory settings.

Safe Mode often works when the regular boot-up process doesn’t because of something that has been downloaded or installed into the phone that is causing unforeseen errors. With Safe Mode you will be allowed to search your phone’s files and delete any recent downloads in the hopes of solving your issues.

To initiate Safe Mode on your Galaxy S8, first make sure your device is off. Next, hold down the Power button for several seconds. If your screen starts up and the Samsung logo appears then immediately let go of the Power button and begin holding the Volume down button. Keep on doing this and your phone should boot in safe Mode.

Step 4: Alternative Boot modes

Soft and hard resets aren’t the only ways to restart your phone. It is also possible to restart your Galaxy S8 by using what’s called Recovery mode and Download mode. Take note that you should let your phone charge for about one hour before attempting these steps just in case that it is charging very slowly, another Galaxy S8 problem.

Recovery mode is activated just like how a soft reset is, but instead you must also hold down the Bixby button located on the left hand side of the device. Download mode is triggered by holding down Bixby and Volume Down keys, then holding the Power button. Release the Power button when and if the Samsung logo appears while continue holding the other two. If you can turn your phone on via one of these options then that gives you the chance to do a factory reset.

Hopefully these tips have helped you with your lack of power for your Galaxy S8. If none of them have helped you then you will have to contact Samsung customer support and perhaps check with the status of your phone’s warranty.