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Free Local Channel App For Smart Tv

Watch local news, sports, and more on your smart TV without a cable subscription! Check out our guide to the top free local channel apps for easy streaming.



Free Local Channel App For Smart Tv

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Are you looking for ways to watch your local news or channels on a Smart TV without an antenna? Free local channel apps are making it possible to watch live (or recorded) local broadcasts for free.

In this blog, we will discuss the different free local channel streaming apps that are available on Smart TVs and how you can access them. With these applications, you can easily stay up-to-date with the latest news stories, sports scores, and weather updates from around your area! So let’s get started learning about free local channel apps on smart TVs!

Key Takeaways

  • Free local channel streaming apps allow users to watch live or recorded broadcasts on Smart TVs without an antenna
  • Popular free local Streams include NewsOn, Pluto TV, SlingTV, Peacock, CBS and VUit.
  • Xumo offers 300+ channels ranging from live events and national news to TV series and movies while also providing ABC news channels in its stream.
  • Some streaming services require a third-party subscription for unlocking certain programs, but most of them are available for access without any monthly fees.

Free Local Channel Apps for Smart TVs

Users can access a variety of free local channel streaming apps for their Smart TV, including NewsOn, Pluto TV, Sling TV, Peacock, CBS. VUit, ABC News, and STIRR.


is a free local channel app for smart TVs that allows users to access live and on-demand local news from nearly 200 trusted TV station partners in the US. Compatible with iOS and Android, as well as Roku and Amazon devices, plus Samsung smart TVs, NewsOn provides streaming of over 275 channels in 165 US markets with no cable subscription or login required.

Users can enjoy an extensive range of up-to-the-minute news coverage from national networks such as CBS, ABC News, STIRR, and NBC News right down through their local news sources depending on location.

Plus, they get access to weather forecasts, entertainment topics, and sports highlights – all easily accessed directly within the app itself!

Pluto TV

are a free, live-stream television and on-demand video service owned by Paramount Global? It boasts over 250 unique live channels, including movies, live programming, and popular television shows available in its channel lineup.

The platform offers an easy-to-navigate Channel Guide that makes it convenient for users to search through content quickly and easily. It’s also compatible with smart TVs, which makes the access of the service effortless, as users can simply install the dedicated app found on Google Play or other app stores.

Additionally, Pluto TV includes options for recording shows so you don’t miss a single episode – making it one of the most comprehensive streaming services around! All this without having to pay any subscription fees, either!

Sling TV

Sling TV is a popular streaming service that offers users the flexibility to tailor their experience through customizable channel packages. With over 120,000 options available, users have access to live sports and popular shows, as well as a wide selection of movies and shows.

This streaming service also integrates free OTA broadcast channels into its platform, allowing viewers access to local content without needing an antenna. Moreover, Sling TV is compatible with Smart TVs, giving viewers access to advanced features such as voice control and home integration while enjoying quality programming on their digital devices.

With these benefits in mind, Sling TV remains one of the leading streaming services for those seeking out all types of entertainment from around the world.


offers an easy and cost-effective way to access a variety of shows and movies from NBCUniversal. With its subscription service, users can watch live news streaming as well as their favorite films for free without ads if they choose to upgrade.

Peacock is available through the Peacock TV app on smart TVs, cable boxes with Xfinity on-demand support (X1 or Flex), and even Android devices allowing for flexible viewing options. Accessing local channels is also made possible with the app – providing users 24/7 access to their local NBC channel in addition to a wide range of content, including popular shows and movies from NBCUniversal.

To top it off, viewers can even download titles within the app for later viewing if desired. All these features; making Peacock one of the best free local channel apps available today!


CBS is a free local channel app for smart TVs that allows users to stream their CBS programming without cable. It can be accessed on both free and paid streaming platforms, making it easy to watch your favorite shows without needing to pay for a TV package.

Not every local CBS affiliate is available on the app, but with access to dozens of states affiliates throughout the US, you should have no difficulty in finding your hometown station. The app also has certain programs locked behind, requiring a third-party provider log-in, but there shouldn’t be any issue obtaining said credentials if need be.

Other than this minor drawback, watching your local news or comedy favorites through CBS’s efforts couldn’t be easier!


is a free streaming app that provides viewers with access to local news, weather, and sports on their smart TVs. VUit’s lineup includes over 200 local TV channels from the U.S., giving viewers free access to live and on-demand content from stations across the country.

The service also recently expanded its news lineup under a partnership with CBS, allowing users to watch 13 of CBS’s owned and operated local news channels for no additional cost.

VUit works by installing an app on your chosen device – whether it be an Android TV or Samsung Smart TV – enabling you to start watching immediately after installation. Plus, thanks to VUit’s ad-supported platform, all content can be accessed without any subscription fees.

ABC News

The ABC News app offers users a convenient way to stay up-to-date on the latest news, events, and their favorite shows. It provides access to live streaming events from ABC News Live as well as breaking news stories 24/7 from around the world.

With its availability for download on smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs, this free app makes it easier than ever for people to get informed of what’s happening in the world without having to leave home.

Not only does this app provide news updates, but it also airs full episodes of popular programs like Good Morning America, The View, and Nightline so that viewers can enjoy their favorite shows no matter where they are or what time it may be.


is a revolutionary OTT streaming device that provides users access to over 100+ free TV channels, including local news and sports. With its assortment of movies, TV shows, and viral videos, STIRR has something for everyone’s interests.

The app allows users to enjoy live events and breaking news while offering 8000+ hours of on-demand content. In addition, the intuitive user interface makes it easy for viewers to browse through the available TV channels.

Moreover, one can leverage their Smart TVs to access this convenient way of watching Local Channels without any cost directly on their television. Popular networks such as CBS ABC News or Pluto are some of the channels available on STIRR, which lets you stay updated about all local happenings in style! Besides this, one can also watch Live music performances from today’s top artists, making it an ideal choice among those wanting a versatile quality experience at no extra fee whatsoever!

NBC News

NBC has its own app called “The NBC App,” which allows users to watch their local news coverage or stream episodes of popular TV shows. It supports live streaming in select markets, so users can tune in to the local news at no cost.

The app provides access to both current and past broadcasts from NBC affiliates across the country, and it also offers plenty of on-demand content such as full episodes of classic shows, select series, movies, updates from Breaking News Radio Network (BNR), podcasts, sports highlights and more.

Additionally, there are also features such as personalized push notifications for breaking news alerts tailored to a user’s zip code. In addition to national news content being streamed live through The NBC App, viewers can enjoy regional updates by selecting their city name for further customization.


AirTV is a free local channel streaming app for smart TVs that allows users to watch their favorite local network broadcasts in HD quality. AirTV pairs with an antenna to stream over one hundred local channels, including popular broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS.

With AirTV 2, users can even take advantage of enhanced features like multi-device viewing so everyone in the family can watch different shows at once on multiple TVs. Moreover, AirTV eliminates expensive cable TV subscriptions with its cost-effective solution by streaming free HD local channels without any monthly fee or subscription costs.

Not only that but AirTV enables easy access to streaming of local content by allowing them to be viewed via their home WiFi connection anywhere – all you need is an OTA antenna! Ultimately, it’s no secret why AirTV has become a go-to choice for many looking to get the most out of their smart TVs, as it offers convenience and significant savings compared to other options available on the market today.


is a free streaming television service that allows users to watch local broadcast TV without the need for an antenna or cable subscription. This app provides access to over 50 channels, including local news and public access and government channels, in select US markets.

It also offers live and DVR viewing options for subscribers, making it one of the most convenient ways to stream local network TV without paying for a big cable package. The app is available on Google Play and various smart TVs, so users can easily download it into their device of choice.

With LocalBTV, viewers have direct access to important information such as weather forecasts or election coverage from trusted sources. Now users can stay up-to-date with relative ease through this effective range of content – no antenna required!

Xumo TV

is a free streaming service that was founded in 2011 and offers thousands of movies and TV shows for users to watch on multiple devices and platforms. Xumo features more than 300 different channels, ranging from live events, national news, viral videos, TV series, movies and cartoons.

Streamers can filter the extensive list of genres available on Xumo by comedy, entertainment, food & drink, travel & outdoors, music news & sports & tv show options. Adding to its large library content recently, an ABC News channel was added as well.

The Xumo app allows users to access to different types of media depending on their preference. Apart from this, it also ensures safety while using the Play option available, which provides free live TV and On-demand streaming services.

Haystack TV

is a free streaming news service offering local, national, and international news content from over 200 U.S.-based stations through its NewsOn feature? Haystack TV provides users with the ability to watch hyper-relevant news coverage ranging from events happening in their own area up to global happenings.

The app curates a mix of liberal and conservative media sources for balanced views on current events, including trusted news sources like NBC News and ABC News. It’s conveniently compatible with popular streaming platforms such as Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, and Tubi- allowing people access to the news whenever they need it no matter where they are or what device they’re using -and is available through Google Play for Android users.

Plus, those who wish can upgrade their experience by adding premium channels or features offered at an additional cost. Ultimately Haystack TV stands out as a great option for cord-cutters looking for accessible and diverse options when it comes to watching news programming on Smart TVs without subscribing to a traditional cable package.


PlexTV is a free local channel app for Smart TVs that offers users the ability to access and stream local HD television channels. With Plex, you can watch live TV, stream TV shows, movies, and more – all without having to pay a subscription fee.

The application collects over 300 channels from various networks such as Baywatch, Duck Dynasty, and Doctor Who so that viewers have plenty of content choices. Additionally, Roku’s hidden tips and tricks increase streaming success by using this service, such as adjusting buffer settings or disabling subtitles if they’re not needed.

All of these features make it one of the best free TV streaming services available alongside Pluto TV and Tubi.


The CW app is a free local channel app available for various smart TV platforms, such as Roku, VIZIO Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox, Fire TV, LG TV, and Android. It does not require log in or subscription and can be downloaded easily from the platform’s respective app store.

From here, users can access channels, including CW’s own original series as well as those shown elsewhere around the U.S., some of which may need credentials like a provider login to stream.

The availability of local channels on these devices depends only on the geographic area you live in; however, most viewers should have no trouble getting their hands on the popular shows with ease.

How to Get Local Channels on a Smart TV

There are three ways to access local channels on a smart TV: using free local channel apps, setting up an OTA antenna, or pairing with an OTA DVR for recording.

Use free local channel apps

For those who want to access the local news, sports, and entertainment in their area without a cable or antenna subscription, they can find free local channel apps for streaming on their smart TVs. By searching for the city where the channels operate in the app store, users can find information about available apps from various sources, including ABC News Live, CBS All Access, NBC News Now Plus+, STIRR, and Peacock TV. With these apps downloaded onto one’s smart TV device, viewers can gain access to networks like ABC (ABC), CBS (CBS), NBC (NBC) as well as FOX News, all without cable subscriptions or antenna access.

Set up an OTA antenna

Setting up an OTA antenna to access local channels on a smart TV is surprisingly easy. All you need is an accurate location estimate, an available over-the-air broadcast TV signal, and the right type of digital antenna for your home. Here are the steps needed to get started:

  1. Determine which direction gives you the best reception by testing out different positions in front of your window or on a balcony – most signals come from towers located within 20 miles away from your house
  2. Acquire digital antennas with amplifiers for better performance if necessary; use HDTV or VHF/UHF ones, depending on what’s available in your area
  3. Connect the antenna to the coaxial port at the back of your smart TV using a coaxial cable that has F-type connectors (also sometimes labeled RF)
  4. Select “cable/antenna” as an input option from the setup menu on the screen via remote control – look around under picture settings and audio options menus, too, as this varies between TVs
  5. Finally, have it do a scan for channels by pressing the “Run Channel Scan” button after selecting the channel set-up menu item– this should prompt another pop-up asking how many channels you wish it to find

Pair with an OTA DVR for recording

To get local channels on a smart TV, you can pair it with an Over The Air (OTA) Digital Video Recorder (DVR). OTA DVRs allow cord-cutters to watch and record live HDTV broadcast programs from a TV antenna. Setting up your OTA DVR is simple and requires some additional equipment:

  • A high-performance indoor/outdoor digital TV antenna that is used to pick up broadcasts from local networks, including ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, etc.
  • An OTA DVR which allows for recording of the received signals coming through your connected television antenna into an external storage drive like a hard drive or even cloud storage if needed.
  • An external hard drive for long-term show recordings if necessary as most TVs have limited internal storage space and may not be able to store content for more than one month without deletion prompting users to archive their shows elsewhere or transfer them over to other devices in order to stay permanently stored so they can rewatch at any time when desired being that deleted episodes are no longer retrievable once gone.
  • Connect power cables from both the receiver box and HDD (if using)to an electrical outlet – make sure both plugs are securely attached;
  • Connect a coaxial cable between your Television’s “Antenna/Cable In” port and receiver’s input jack—this will provide signal access;
  • Power Up each unit —turning ON individual units by pressing either button located on side panels or using provided remote controller where appropriate;
  • On Screen Setup– Follow prompts given by guides displayed on televisions display menu allowing it is walking you thru proper operations leaving everything perfectly setup n ready record broadcasts directly onto HDDs via previously set programming schedule. Once completed , disconnect all bodily connections from output side of the equipment, then plug back into properly allocated slots ensuring all pins are evenly spaced n pushed in firmly, resulting in continuity of information communications


For users looking to access local channels on their smart TVs, there are a variety of options. Users can take advantage of free local channel apps such as NewsOn, Pluto TV, SlingTV, Peacock, CBS, and VUit to stream live or watch recorded programming from over-the-air broadcasts straight to their device.

Furthermore, they can also set up an OTA antenna directly into the TV’s USB port for streaming live content from compatible channels in your area. For further convenience and control over the experience, pairing with Wirecutter’s favorite OTA DVR allows you to record shows and movies as well.

With these myriad options available for accessing local broadcast networks on your Smart TV for either live viewing or recording purposes , you’re sure never to miss out on any of your favorite public broadcasts!