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Instructions for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wireless Charging

Wireless charging for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is very simple. Read our easy instructions to quickly figure it out.



Galaxy Note 8 Wireless Charging

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Wirelessly charging your Note 8 device is very easy to do.

The only thing that could be getting in your way is not owning a wireless charging dock.

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

Samsung Wireless Charging Dock, Galaxy S8, Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is designed from the get-go to be capable of wireless battery charging. This can be very easily done through the use of a handy wireless charging dock. While the device doesn’t come with a charging dock, many compatible units are available. Many are offered by Samsung, though some which are third party accessories.

While Samsung recommends that you purchase a product that is manufactured by them, just about any compatible dock from various companies will work fine. All of them are designed to work seamlessly with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Not 8 so you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues, extra installation or troubleshooting.

What makes charging docks compatible with the S8 or Note 8 is whether they support Qi or PMA technology. These are the names of the wireless charging capability that allows S8 or Note 8 wireless charging to be possible.

Any charging dock that supports Qi or PMA functionality can be used with your Note 8 and S8 devices as well as the charging cables that come packaged with these smartphones.

Once you purchase a compatible wireless charging dock, all you have to do now is plug it in using a power cable or the USB port that you use with your phone. Once the charger is plugged in just place your phone on top of the wireless charger with the screen facing up. No installation is required – just place your smartphone on top of the charger  and you’ll be experiencing S8 or Note 8 wireless charging instantly.