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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus “Moisture Detected” Problem Solved

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus can come up with the error “moisture detected” which prevents you from charging it. Here’s how to fix that problem.



Moisture Detected S9 Issue: How to Fix

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An annoying issue with the Galaxy S9 Plus is the notification claiming that you cannot charge your phone via USB because there was moisture detected inside the charging port. This issue can be caused by a couple of things, including a false positive detected by the rather sensitive moisture sensors. To fix this issue for good, try out all of our steps below until your Galaxy S9 Plus will start accepting its charging cable once more.

Solution 1: Examine Your Charging Cable

The first thing you should do with the moisture detected S9 issue is to make sure your charging cable hasn’t become damaged. Make sure it is completely dry. Also check to see if any of the connecting pins on the end of the charger aren’t bent out of shape or otherwise are not damaged in any visible way. Any kind of physical resistance caused by bent pins can set off this moisture detected alarm.

You should also try to use a different charging cable as the one you own may be damaged. If you can borrow one from a friend or neighbor, that would be ideal, though you may have to buy a replacement cable if no substitutes are immediately available to you.

Solution 2: Clean Out the S9 Plus’ Port

It may very well be the case that the charging port of your smartphone has accumulated some moisture somehow. This can be caused by leaving it in damp places for hours at a time (such as leaving your phone in the bathroom while you shower) or perhaps you accidentally spilled some drops of water on your phone without even realizing it.

You can try wiping out the port with a dry piece of tissue but a far better idea would be to use compressed air. Softly apply the compressed air into your Galaxy S9 Plus’ port even if you can’t see any moisture for yourself. It may be too small or too deep inside of the phone for you to notice anything. If you don’t have a can of compressed air, grab a straw and blow into it while aiming it into your phone’s port.

Also make sure to let your phone dry for some time before charging it again.

Solution 3: Wireless Charging

If the previous moisture detected S9 fixes didn’t work for you and you need to charge your phone battery immediately then your only recourse will be to use a wireless charging pad. The good news is that the moisture detected S9 problem doesn’t happen with the wireless method, but the bad news is obviously that you will have to buy a charging pad if you don’t already own one.

We hope you were able to solve the annoying Galaxy S9 Plus “moisture detected” problem and that your smartphone is back in its regular, healthy state. Thank you for reading and we hope you refer this article to anyone else who has similar issues.