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Hisense H8F Smart TV Review: Lots of Feature, Good Value

Looking for a reasonably priced smart TV that offers a lot of features? The Hisense H8F might be the right option for you.



Hisense H8F Review

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Hisense is a TV brand that simply isn’t known enough. While they have certainly made a name for themselves they aren’t quite a household name like LG or Samsung to some people. This is a real shame as their H8F series of televisions are truly impressive and are proof that Hisense are at the top of the game when it comes to delivering quality budget UHD television sets.

The H8F comes in three different sizes, the 50 inch 50H8F, the 55 inch 55H8F and the 65 inch 65H8F. Everything we have to say about the series applies to all three variations so if you’re curious to find out just how good they are, feel free to check out our thoughts below.

Build Quality

Cheaper UHD TVs aren’t going to be made out of high end materials entirely but there is a certain level of quality to be expected for TVs of this price range. Fortunately for Hisense, the H8F meets these standards—no problem.

One thing unique about this TV is that the leg stands are adjustable. They only have two positions but this feature alone is rare and useful enough to warrant mentioning. It’s particularly helpful if you have the kind of TV setup that requires extra peripherals to be set up directly in front of the screen. So adjustable legs might allow you to create some extra space.

Like many 4K sets in this range the back of the casing feels to be made out of rather cheap plastic. It’s by no means a deal breaker but it does feel and look slightly tacky. Just as long as you take proper care of this TV set, the Hisense H8F should cause you no real issues and be perfectly usable for several years.

Smart TV Functionality

Hisense’s H8F comes with the benefit of using Android OS, arguably the best OS there is for Smart TVs. The interface is very easy to use and customize and is relatively fast as well.

Another plus is that the Smart OS is completely free of ads, which was actually quite surprising considering how uncommon this is. This made the UI feel a lot cleaner than other Smart OS programs and made it a little easier on the eyes as well.

And most importantly the H8F has an absolutely staggering amount of compatible apps, far higher than most TVs in this price range or any other. Our biggest gripe is that for some reason HDR is not supported in the Youtube app, which was a very puzzling and disappointing design decision. Other than that we had no issues with the app support. The H8F is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to overpopulate their TV with downloads as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Picture Quality

Normally with budget 4K Smart TVs it’s to be expected that these cheaper sets have several aspects of their visual quality that is below par. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the H8F really only has a few minor flaws and really excels for a TV this cheap.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. For one thing, the H8F has pretty mediocre viewing angles. Image quality degrades quite substantially even from an angle as small as 20 or 30 degrees. And while this isn’t too bad of a criticism, the motion handling is okay. It’s by no means bad but we’ve seen TVs handle fast moving scenes better than this. The HDR is also decent but we wish it could have handled brighter scenery with a little more clarity.

But other than those points, the H8F fairs pretty well. In fact, this TV is downright great in many visual categories. The contrast ratio delivers dark blacks exceptionally well even in dark rooms. It also has very good reflection handling making this TV a good choice to use even during daylight. There are absolutely no issues with pixel presentation even at 4K, and the color accuracy is extremely good for a budget 4K TV.

In short, the H8F is probably one of the best looking budget Smart 4K TVs we’ve ever seen, and it’s pretty remarkable how clear and detailed of an image it gives you for the asking price. We are impressed.

Final Verdict


While there were a few hiccups, most of them are pretty minor, easily ignorable and completely understandable given the price. At the end of the day Hisense’s H8F is an excellent TV for someone who wants to experience impressive Smart TV functions with all the benefits of ultra high definition. If you have been looking for one of the best budget TVs on the market, congratulate yourself on finally finding it. There is no denying that you will get quite a bit of bang for your buck with the Hisense H8F, so do yourself a favor and pick this TV set up if you come across it online. You will not be disappointed.