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Hisense Tv Not Turning On – Discover Quick Fixes to Bring It Back to Life!

Having trouble with your Hisense TV not turning on? Check out our guide for troubleshooting tips and get your television up and running again!



Fix Hisense TV Won't Turn On

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Are you struggling to turn on your Hisense TV? You’re not alone! A common issue faced by many is that their Hisense TV will not power up. Whether the power button isn’t responding, the red light keeps blinking, or there’s no sign of life in it whatsoever – this blog post can help you troubleshoot and find a solution for your problem.

In this article, we’ll take you through all the steps necessary to identify why your Hisense TV won’t turn on so that you can get back to enjoying your viewing experience in no time. So read on, and let’s begin!

  1. Common issues behind a non – functional Hisense TV can be due to faulty electrical connections, malfunctioning power cords or incompatible remote controller settings.
  2. A power cycle reset involves unplugging the device from the wall socket and pressing down the Power button for 30 seconds before switching it on again.
  3. Hardware-related issues include problems with cables and sockets, internal power supply failure as well as display panel malfunctions owing to external interference.
  4. Customers should check their warranty status to determine if repairs are covered before reaching out to customer support either via phone or email regarding technical help in troubleshooting any further complexities encountered while attempting to fix Hisense TVs not turning on anytime!

Troubleshooting Steps for a Hisense TV Not Turning On

Check the power source and connections, perform a power cycle reset, and ensure the remote is working properly – these are all possible troubleshooting steps to take when a Hisense TV is not turning on.

Check the power source and connections

Checking the power source and connections is one of the most important steps when troubleshooting a Hisense TV that won’t turn on. This helps to identify any potential issues regarding faulty electrical connections or malfunctioning power cords and plugs.

  1. Inspect power cable for signs of damage: Check for visible cuts, burns, cracks, or fraying around the cable’s insulation. If any exist, replace them with an approved replacement power cord from a reliable supplier.
  2. Make sure the power cable is properly connected: Ensure that the cable is securely plugged into both the television and wall outlet -make sure the sockets fit perfectly without any play or give within the connection.
  3. Check TV settings: Many television models have special settings which enable advanced energy-saving features like automatic shut-off and sleep mode. Double-check that these are switched off in order to provide consistent power to operate the television correctly or down devices–or try different ones if available–in order to determine whether there may be some compatibility issues causing a disruption in obtaining an adequate electricity supply needed for powering up your television.
  4. Test with different power outlets: Try connecting your Hisense TV to other working electric sockets around your house or building –left on standby mode as soon as it is plugged in–in order to determine whether there may be some insufficient supply of electricity required for powering up your television set correctly.

Perform a power cycle reset

To power cycle your Hisense TV, begin by turning off and unplugging it from the electrical socket. Leave for 60 seconds before plugging it back in; this helps clear any stored energy or active processes on the TV.

Once plugged in, press and hold the Power button on the TV itself for 30 seconds and then wait another 20 minutes before switching it on again. This step can help resolve software issues with no external signs of damage on a non-responsive television set.

Moreover, if you want to try resetting the remote controller too, just take out old batteries first and then push down the Power button for approximately 30 minutes.

If removing all cables, including HDMI cables and component wires, is also appropriate here as part of the troubleshooting process too in order to prevent interference from outside sources or previously installed programs that may be causing conflict with new operations.

Ensure the remote is working properly

To prevent a Hisense TV from remaining unresponsive to commands and not turning on, it is important to check that the remote is functioning properly. First, open the battery cover and ensure that all batteries are inserted correctly and have charge.

It might be necessary to replace old or dead batteries with new ones. Once the batteries have been checked, make sure there is nothing blocking the line of sight between the remote control and the TV, such as furniture or curtains.

Also, make sure no other devices are interfering with the signal of your remote by bringing them close together in a dark room for testing purposes. Next, press the power button ‘on’ twice – if resetting doesn’t work, turn off standby mode which can sometimes occur when multiple remotes share one address code(Robosat RCU 4020).

Troubleshoot the display panel

If a Hisense TV is not powering up and the display panel does not seem to be functioning correctly, then it may be necessary to diagnose the issue further and troubleshoot the display panel.

To do this, check whether the power outlet or power cord is properly connected to the Hisense TV and the wall socket.

Possible Hardware Issues with a Hisense TV Not Turning On

From faulty power outlets and cables to display panel malfunction, there are many possible hardware issues that can prevent a Hisense TV from switching on. If you’re having trouble with your television not turning on, be sure to read the full blog for more in-depth troubleshooting tips.

Faulty power cord or socket

A faulty power cord or socket can be a major obstacle to turning on your Hisense TV. This issue is often overlooked both by novice and experienced users as even a slight disturbance in the connections of the powerpoint to the television’s ports could result in it not working.

It is essential that you examine these connections for any sloppiness, corrosion, wear & tear, or debris which forms an impediment to electricity transmission into the device.

Additionally, if your TV was plugged when last used but still suddenly stopped functioning without notice now; it could mean that there’s something wrong with its power socket – loose wires, missing grounding connection are just some common diagnosable indications of such issues arising from this area of concern.

Therefore we recommend taking help from professionals who’ll understand how to access and deal with wiring issues swiftly and safely before being able to make use of Hisense Smart TVs again!

Internal power supply failure

Internal power supply failure is a common issue that can prevent Hisense TVs from turning on. The power supply within the TV sends electricity to each component in order to operate correctly, including the display panel and remote control.

A failure of this internal device will result in the TV not being able to turn on at all, leading to further damage should it become too overheated from lack of air circulation or functioning properly without its main source providing energy.

There are many potential causes for an internal power supply failure, such as overloading due to using multiple devices connected through HDMI ports or other connecting tools, outdated models with worn out capacitors forming incorrect circuits, damage incurred during transport trips over long distances and time periods, powering up incorrectly due to outside interference like a lightning strike or damaged cable wiring among others.

Display panel malfunction

A display panel malfunction is a potentially serious issue that can affect the performance of your Hisense TV. A common symptom associated with this type of failure is a ‘black screen’ instead of an image appearing on the television when it’s turned on.

It can also indicate any number of other issues, such as sluggish or unresponsive controls, odd video anomalies, or incorrect color saturation. This sort of incident generally occurs due to hardware problems like faulty power cords or outlets, terminal overheating, and circuit board damage from excessive voltage fluctuations over time.

To identify if something like this has happened to your TV, you’ll need to do some checking first before performing any repairs yourself. Check for signs such as physical damage on the back chassis near the AC input port as well as visual imperfections with regards to the in-out connections.

Warranty and Repair Options for a Hisense TV Not Turning On

Depending on the issue, users of a Hisense TV Not Turning On can check their warranty status and contact customer support for repair options or consider professional services.

Check the warranty status

Understanding if the repair is covered under warranty is an important step when troubleshooting a Hisense TV not turning on. It can be difficult to assess what needs to be done unless you are familiar with electronics and power repairs, so it is essential to contact Hisense customer support for assistance.

You can find their details online or on your instruction manual that came with the product. Checking the warranty status involves providing them with information, including model number, serial number, and date of purchase as well as any other relevant information they may require regarding the issue at hand.

Once all necessary paperwork has been provided, support will make a determination if your repair falls under their warranty coverage and how best to proceed further.

Contact Hisense customer support

For troubleshooting issues related to a Hisense TV not turning on, customers can reach out to their customer service. There are several available methods of contact, including by phone at 1-855-344-7367 or via email at

The customer support team is highly qualified and equipped to help resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Customers should never attempt any DIY repairs without consulting the experts first, as there may be hidden damages in the intricate inner workings of the television which could lead to further complications down the line if left unchecked.

Additionally, contacting Hisense directly helps preserve valuable warranties and allow for timely troubleshooting solutions from certified technicians who have knowledge about these products specifically.

Consider professional repair services

When a Hisense TV is not turning on, the first step of troubleshooting should typically be to power cycle the device. However, if that does not work and further investigation is required, then it may be worth considering professional repair services.

Professional technicians are trained experts with experience in resolving TV issues, both complex and simple. They also have access to all necessary tools and technology needed for repairs, like soldering irons or diagnostic software.

Furthermore, they can provide quality repairs at a fraction of what it would cost to replace your Hisense TV entirely, so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank for costly new devices when having yours professionally repaired will do just fine! Professional repair services offer peace of mind knowing any unresolved problems will be taken care of quickly and reliably by knowledgeable technicians who have years of experience in their field.


Having a Hisense TV that won’t turn on can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue and hopefully resolve it. Be sure to check the power source, connections, and display panel for any issues or loose cables that could be preventing the television from powering on.

In addition, ensure the remote is working normally and perform a power cycle reset if necessary. If none of these efforts help in resolving the issue, consider possible hardware failures with faulty cables or sockets as well as internal power supply errors within your Hisense TV.

Lastly, checking what options may be available through warranty or repair services helps in finding a way forward when your television isn’t turning on despite your best efforts!


  1. What could be causing my Hisense TV not to turn on?
    There are several possible causes that can lead to a Hisense TV not turning on, including but not limited to a faulty power cable, damage from lightning surge or other power source malfunctions, out-of-date firmware, hardware problems (such as capacitor burnout), connection issues, and more.
  2. How can I tell if the issue is related to software or hardware?
    Software issues can sometimes occur when the unit’s firmware is outdated or corrupted and can be fixed with an update. To determine if the problem lies in hardware components, it is advised for users to disconnect all external devices and accessories and then reset the system by manually unplugging from the mains supply for 10-15 seconds before reconnecting power and retrying the operation, which should display relevant diagnostic errors/indicators related to these elements during boot up phase if anything proved faulty this way.