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Homall Gaming Chair: Pros, Cons, and Features Reviewed

If you’re a gamer then you’ve no doubt heard of the gloriously comfortable gaming chairs that pro gamers and streamers alike use these days.



Homall Gaming Chair

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If you’re a gamer then you’ve no doubt heard of the gloriously comfortable gaming chairs that pro gamers and streamers alike use these days.

You want to get one for yourself so you too can feel the perfect armrests and the excellent back support. Problem is you don’t want to spend over $300 on a high quality piece of furniture. Fortunately, there’s a very solid but relatively inexpensive option.

The Homall Gaming Chair is a sub-$100 chair that has garnered much praise from gamers, which we’re going to take a close

The Pros

Let’s get this out of the way first: the price is excellent. You normally have to pay a hefty amount of money to get your hands on an ergonomic gaming chair that is feels like this one. What you should be looking for in a gaming chair is comfort before all else. You want to minimize fatigue as much as possible. Whether that’s due to working eight hours straight or gaming eight hours straight, you want your body to be as stress-free and relaxed as possible.

The Homall easily achieves this. Despite its low price, it’s actually a fairly well sized chair that may even be too big for certain people. The fabric is good quality and manages to stay firmly in place as your body eases down into its gentle embrace.

It isn’t the softest or most durable gaming chair out there but you get a lot for your money in the comfort department.

The faux leather of the Homall Gaming Chair is also spill resistant which is a big plus. It’s pretty easy to clean and it doesn’t stain very easily either.

The weight capacity of the Homall Gaming chair is solid, handling up to 300 pounds. Many gaming chairs costing over $200 are too lightweight to match that.

The wheels feel a little flimsy but they are pretty silent across various surfaces including hardwood floors and mats.

The reclining feature is definitely one of the best features of this chair. You can lock it in place so it always rests at the angle you want it to be. Alternatively, you can keep the mechanism unlocked so you can control the reclining manually with the force of your own body.

This chair can tilt back pretty far. You could easily use it for lying back and relaxing with some music or a book and remain there for hours on end and have no back fatigue.

The chair itself is also pretty easy to assemble and only takes around 15 minutes to complete. This goes for most gaming chairs on the market, but it’s always nice to have simple instructions and easy parts to piece together.

As a great bonus, the Homall Gaming Chair even comes included with a lumbar pillow and a headrest pillow. Many expensive chairs don’t even offer this, which only makes the overall value of this chair even more enticing. They’re removable so anyone who doesn’t prefer them can easily cast them aside. However, we highly recommend you take advantage of these mini pillows as they make your sitting experience even cozier.

The Cons

One of the things that bugged me was the lack of color options. The standard blue looks nice and fits in with many different room set-ups. Unfortunately, compared to other more well known brands like DXRacer, there are very few aesthetic choices. Red, blue and white are all you get for this model.

The arm rests, comfy as they are, are not adjustable at all. This is surprising considering that the seat itself can be reoriented at many different angles. We can’t imagine how this feature would have been too expensive or too complicated to install so this is an oversight on Homall’s part.

As mentioned before, this is a hefty chair for its price. It’s not too heavy but it is a bit tall for some people and unfortunately Homall only offers a one size for all. If you’re above 5 foot 8 or so then you shouldn’t have to worry. However if you’re shorter than average you may find the Homall Gaming Chair to be a little too much. This is arguably the worst aspect of this chair because it potentially cuts out a wide audience of buyers who are in the market for a great budget chair.

Who should buy the Homall Gaming Chair?

If you already own a high quality chair or anything that costs more than the Homall Gaming Chair then you may want to look elsewhere. While this is a very good product it isn’t going to be an upgrade from something that costs twice the price or more.

The Homall Gaming Chair is an absolutely great first buy for people wanting to get their first ergonomic gaming chair. It is undoubtedly an upgrade over regular office chairs that wouldn’t be classified as ergonomic.

For people who are on the fence and want to save up for a pricier chair, our advice would be to still go with the Homall Gaming Chair. We believe that people on any budget will benefit from many years of use with this product. Use that extra money on new games to play while sitting in this chair.

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Value for Money10
There's no doubt that the low price is going to be the biggest draw for many people, but all the other benefits this chair offers makes it so worth it. The extra pillows included is a welcome bonus. The reclining feature extends the functionality of the chair for various activities beyond gaming. The faux leather is good quality even if it isn't the best. It’s large, comfy, and has a respectable weight capacity. It’s a shame that the chair won't be such a good fit for people of smaller body sizes but if you're really on a tight budget you could still try it out. It will still be comfy even if it doesn't fit you perfectly. Experimenting with the shorter height settings could make all the difference.
Overall, we're very impressed with the Homall Gaming Chair. Many people still think that great chairs can't be found for under $100, but we know now that that simply isn't true.
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