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How to Activate Screen Mirror to Your Television with Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Screen mirroring is easy with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Here’s how to do it.



How to Activate Screen Mirror to Your Television with Galaxy Note 9

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The screen mirror function is one of the most convenient features you can use with a smartphone. That’s why you should really take advantage of it with every opportunity you get. With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 phone, the screen mirror feature is practically a must-use function.

Even though watching content on your phone screen seems cozy, there will always be times when any one of us would prefer to watch those videos on a bigger screen. Thanks to screen mirror, you can have both the benefit of having your content displayed on a big screen and simultaneously have the convenience offered by having your smartphone right in your hand. If you’re interested by this notion then read on to figure out how to activate screen mirror via your Galaxy Note 9.

Screen Mirror Instructions with Galaxy Note 9

The first thing you need to check before you start doing this is to make sure that your television set is connected to the same wireless network as your phone is. Otherwise the screen mirror pairing will not work.

Once that is sorted out, take your Galaxy Note 9 and then swipe down from the top of the screen of your home page using two fingers. The Smart View icon should now appear, so tap on it.

Next tap on the device that you want to pair your Galaxy Note 9 with. It should read as the name of the TV you want to watch content on. After that your mobile phone should now display whatever is on its screen on the TV screen as well.

That’s all there is to it for activating screen mirror on your TV with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The instructions are very easy to follow and to memorize, so you should take advantage of this great feature as often as possible.

Screen Mirror Instructions with Galaxy Note 9