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How to Change the LED Color for Message Notifications on Samsung Galaxy S8

If you’d like to customize the color of the LED light notification for each kind of app or message alert, you can find out here



How to Change the LED Color on Samsung Galaxy S8

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One of the primary ways owners of a Samsung Galaxy S8 are notified of their incoming messages is via the blinking LED light. Depending on the color of the LED, people are able to determine what kind of message they have received, whether it’s a text message or an email or an alert from one of their apps. It’s one of the more simple yet also convenient aspects of having a Galaxy S8 that many people take for granted. As a matter of fact, there is a way to use this function to its full ability by customizing what color will appear.

One popular choice is to alter the LED color to that of green for WhatsApp. This way you will know with certainty that the message you just received is from this app and not any other general application. To do this, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Open up WhatsApp on your Samsung phone
  2. Click on the symbol in the top right corner that will open up the menu.
  3. Select “Settings
  4. From this menu tap on “Notifications” and then tap on “Light”
  5. You now have a plethora of options for selecting your new LED notification color for WhatsApp. Green is a popular choice as the icon for WhatsApp is itself green. Ultimately the choice is yours though.

Now when you receive a WhatsApp message on your Samsung Galaxy S8 it will be the color you personally selected. Your incoming WhatsApp messages will now be forever distinguished from all other notifications.