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How to Connect Roku TV to WiFi Without Using Your Remote Control

Read our simple step by step guide to find out how to connect your Roku TV to WiFi without a remote.



How to Connect Roku TV to WiFi Without Remote

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Having trouble connecting your Roku TV to WiFi without the use of your remote control? Don’t panic – you don’t need to go out and purchase a new one.

Here, we’ve got a short guide detailing what you need to know to get your TV set up to WiFi without the need for your Roku TV remote. Read on to find out the easy steps you’ll need to take.

How to Use the Roku Mobile App to Operate Your Roku TV

Begin by going over to the Play Store if you are an Android user or the App Store if you are an Apple user and search for “Roku Mobile App”.

The app is totally free to download and install. It takes upvery little storage space on yourdevice, too. By using the mobile app, you’ll have access to your Roku streaming player and your Roku Streaming Stick.

How to Download the Roku Mobile App for Your Mobile Device

  1. Download and install the Roku app on your mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.
  2. Once fully installed, open the app and head over to the “remote” section.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions, which will guide you through controlling the functions of your Roku TV.

How to Download the Roku Mobile App

How to Connect Your Roku TV to WiFi Using the Roku Mobile App

  1. Find the “Settings” menu on your phone and tap “Mobile Hotspot”.
  2. Then tap “Set up Mobile Hotspot” to access the menu.
  3. Hit “Ok” after the message about mobile data usage appears.
  4. From the same menu, add the WiFi network information and enter the network name (SSID). After that, scroll down and enter the password.
  5. Save the new Mobile Hotspot.
  6. Once you have reviewed the information, confirm the new hotspot.

Connecting to WiFi could not be simpler without the use of your Roku TV remote. If you run into any trouble during the process, just restart and you will be sorted in no time.