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How to Delete a YouTube Playlist

Follow the simple instructions in this quick article to permanently delete a YouTube playlist.



How to Delete a YouTube Playlist

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YouTube allows users to create curated playlists of videos. A playlist is a collection of videos grouped together so that they can be easily accessed and played in succession. It’s easy to do, so anyone can make a YouTube playlist.

People create playlists of videos on a range of topics, from music, to game reviews, to hilarious videos, and so on. You could have a playlist of clips of your favoritevlogger, comedian, TVshow, artist or of a particular style of music. You can easily share your YouTube playlists with your friends and even allow friends to add to your playlists. Alternatively, you can keep them private or unlisted.

You can delete a YouTube playlist that you’ve created at any time. To delete your YouTube playlist, you need to follow a number of easy steps, as outlined below:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your YouTube account
  2. From the sidebar on the left, select “Library”.
    How to Delete a YouTube Playlist - Step 2

    Step 2

  3. Then click “View Full Playlist”
    How to Delete a YouTube Playlist - Step 3

    Step 3

  4. Underneath the large video thumbnail on the left side of the playlist dashboard, find the horizontal ellipsis icon and click it for more options
    How to Delete a YouTube Playlist - Step 4

    Step 4

  5. Select “Delete playlist” from the drop down menu. A pop-up confirmation box should appear
    How to Delete a YouTube Playlist - Step 5

    Step 5

  6. Click “Delete” to permanently delete your playlist
    How to Delete a YouTube Playlist - Step 6

    Step 6

Once you’ve deleted your YouTube playlist, the action can’t be undone, so make sure you really want to delete it before you do. If you wish to edit your YouTube playlist or change the visibility instead of deleting it, you can also do this from within the “Library”.


Deleting a playlist on YouTube is easy once you’re logged in. Simply follow the steps above and your playlist will be deleted. That’s it!