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How You Can Delete Discord Servers, And Other Helpful Tips

If you want to permanently delete a server from your Discord then read on and follow these easy steps.



How to Delete Discord Server

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Not only is Discord a great application for chatting with friends and colleagues but it contains an expansive list of settings that allow you to customize how you use the platform. Unfortunately, this can come with the unintended side effect of being a little too confusing for the average Joe.

As great as Discord is, it can get a little confusing navigating its seemingly endless menus, especially for beginners. If you want to do something as simple as, let’s say, permanently removing a Discord server, then it may feel a little frustrating figuring out how to accomplish that task.

If you are curious about how to delete a Discord server or similar functions then all you have to do is continue reading. We know that Discord can come with a bit of a learning curve due to its wide array of customization settings but once you get the hang of it, it will feel as intuitive as it should be.

How to Delete a Discord Server

If you have a Discord server set up but then decide that you want to delete it for whatever reason, then you should be happy to know that the process is actually quite painless to do. One should note that deleting Discord servers is not a necessary practice but some people feel more comfortable having a de-cluttered list of chat channels.

Here’s how to delete a Discord Server

Once you are logged into Discord, first click on the name of the server that you want to permanently remove. This will create a drop down menu displaying the server settings tab. Click on the option that reads “Server Settings”, which should be displayed near the top of the menu.

Now you will be brought to the Server Overview page and see a list of options. What you want to click on is the one option near the bottom of the screen on the left hand side underneath the User Management section, which reads “Delete Server”.

Once you click on this option you may be required to enter in an authentication code that only you, presumably the Server Owner, has access to. This only happens if you have previously activated 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication). This is done as a precautionary measure to ensure that no one can freely delete Discord servers whenever they feel like it.

Once you have entered in this password then the Discord server will be deleted forever. And there you have it – that is how to delete a Discord Server for good.

As a bit of a bonus, we’ll also share with you some other essential tips that any Discord app user should be aware of. Like with how to delete a Discord Server these tips will likely come in handy for you sooner or later.

Managing the Roles of Your Discord Chat Members

Discord is a pretty low-maintenance chat channel app, which is why it’s such a useful tool to use. However, there are a few simple things that you can do manually to improve your experience such as assigning certain characteristics to your chat members.

Because some servers can get pretty large and have over a hundred people, it can be very useful to assign them certain titles or roles including basic users, new guests, admins, etc. Here’s how to do it.

Click on the name of your Discord Server and then select “Server Settings”, like before. In the Server Overview page, click on ‘Roles’ on the left hand side of the page. Next, click on the plus sign icon near the top of the Roles page.

Now here comes the fun part: you get to come up with the names of these roles yourself. You can get as creative as you want and even make the titles be relevant to the nature of your particular server. Once that is done, simply assign those roles to the members of your choice. Make sure to click on ‘Save’ once you are finished.

Managing Specific Discord Server Notifications

Let’s say that you are a part of more than one Discord Server and your notifications are getting a little too confusing to follow coherently. Fixing this minor problem is very simple. All you need to do is right-click on the name of a specific server and then click on ‘Notification Settings.’ This will bring you to a menu window where you can customize how you receive notifications from that server.

One thing we recommend doing is to select the “Only @mentions” option so that you will only be notified when your name is specifically called out. We know how annoying it can get to receive a notification for every single little message that gets posted, especially if you already planned on browsing the chat room eventually anyway. This option is great for only alerting you of direct mention messages.

That is all we have for useful Discord tips, including how to delete a Discord Server. We hope you end up using these tips to augment your Discord experience. Thanks for reading!