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2 Easy Ways to Hard Reset a Samsung Galaxy S7

If your Galaxy S7 has a virus, is having unexplainable problems, or is much slower than usual, follow these simple steps to do a factory reset.



How to do a Hard Reset for Galaxy S7

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Probably the worst thing about smartphones is that they will occasionally run into problems that seemingly have no solution. When several options have been tried and no success is in sight it often becomes appropriate for last resort techniques. Hard resets can be annoying due to losing all of your data but they can work for solving certain issues. Today we’ll be showing you how to do a hard reset for Galaxy S7.

Before you do a Galaxy S7 hard reset you may wish to back up your data. If you have photos, text messages or any other media that you want to save then transfer them over to another device. A computer or an SD card are common choices. Galaxy S7 hard resets delete all of this data and it cannot be recovered. Make sure you are ready before you do a Galaxy S7 hard reset.

How to do a Hard Reset for Galaxy S7

  • From the main menu of your phone, enter the Settings app. It will either be the app with a cog icon or you can access it from swiping down and clicking on the cog icon in the top right corner
  • Scroll down until you locate Backup and Restore. From inside this new menu, select Factory Data Reset
  • The next option to select is Reset Device. The one after this is the final step: Erase Everything
  • Your device will warn you and ask you if you are sure to proceed with the format process. If you still are, then agree to the prompts.
  • Your phone will then begin the hard reset process and then do a restart afterwards. This should take no longer than a few minutes.

How to do a Hard Reset for Galaxy S7 in Recovery Mode

For those who feel like their issues need a little extra care there is in fact a second way to do a Galaxy S7 hard reset. It’s longer than the previous method but it may increase your odds of getting the job done depending on how severe your issue is.

  • Make sure your device is off
  • Press and hold these three buttons at the same time: the Power button, the Volume Up button and the Home button. This will trigger Recovery mode
  • Be mindful that you will need to navigate through your phone using the Volume Up and Down buttons. Use the Power button to make a selection
  • Select Wipe Data Factory Reset. You should also clear your device’s cache by picking Wipe Cache Partition. It is this step that is known to fix a few issues related to defective applications or malware
  • Return to the recovery menu and reboot your phone when you are done.

Performing a Galaxy S7 hard reset is easy from a technical point of view but it can be hard to actually go through with. We hope this solves any issues you have been having with your smartphone.