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How to Diagnose and Fix a Non-Responding Roku Remote

If your Roku remote has seemingly met its end, don’t despair just yet. Follow our guide to identifying and fixing the problem.



Fix a Non-Responding Roku Remote

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The remote control, albeit a basic kind of machinery, is an important component to the overall television experience. In the event a Roku control device has recently stopped working for no apparent reason then here’s how you can change that and resume your typical TV duties.

In case you were not aware, there are actually a couple of types of standardized Roku remotes. There’s the conventional infrared remote control that relies on pointing, and the more enhanced control that works even when pointing any direction. The former one works just like a regular TV control by releasing an invisible infrared beam towards the receptor box. This signal is then interpreted as the designated action from whichever button you pressed. The enhanced remote control utilizes Wi-Fi instead of infrared beams so the signal can be detected regardless of where it is pointed.

Because each remote is different, they require troubleshooting steps that will be different in some areas but the same in others.

A Basic Universal Fix for all Roku Remotes

Here’s a method that will apply to all remotes under the Roku name. Try out this fix first before moving on in case your problem is simpler than expected.

Step 1: Reboot your Roku TV box, or alternatively, take out the streaming stick out of your television set. Wait roughly one minute and then reconnect.

Fix for all Roku Remotes - Step 1

Step 2: Switch out the batteries in your remote and then test it. We know it’s a simple and obvious solution but even the most obvious of problem solving can elude us from time to time.

Fix for all Roku Remotes - Step 2

Step 3: If you have an HDMI streaming stick, you can try using an extension cable to plug it into the TV rather than using a direct connection. This may solve the problem. It seems like an unlikely and random method but as a matter of fact it was recommended by Roku themselves. HDMI cables have been known on rare occasions to cause interference between streaming sticks and their respective remote controls. . Feel free to try out different HDMI cables if you have any spares. The one you were using originally may simply be incompatible.

Fix for all Roku Remotes - Step 3

Fixes for the Regular Roku Remote Control

The regular Roku remote control uses infrared beams. If you own this remote and the previous three steps did not solve your issue then try these following methods:

Step 1: Look at your Roku box when you press buttons on your remote control and see if the beams are detected. There should be a flashing light if the box detects the laser and its command. If you see no flash then the problem is the remote, not the Roku device. If you do see a flash but there is still no action taking place then it is likely that the Roku box itself is the problem.

Fixes for the Regular Roku Remote Control - Step 1

Step 2: Place your standard remote directly in front of your Roku box. Then press a button. It could be the case that low and weak batteries may be weakening the strength of the signal. If this works then all you have to do is change out the batteries for newer and stronger ones.

Fixes for the Regular Roku Remote Control - Step 2

Step 3: Test out the mobile app to input commands. This will help determine if the problem is the Roku box or the Roku remote.

Fixes for the Regular Roku Remote Control - Step 3

If the mobile app functions properly or if the box doesn’t glow at all then it is highly likely you posses a defective remote. You will have to borrow one, order a new one or contact Roku for repairs.

In the event the Roku device flashes but no action occurs then your Roku box is at fault here. The next step would be to initiate a factory reset. This is generally considered a desperate move although it is preferable to having to pay for a new one or send your back and wait for it to arrive after being repaired. This step is more viable if the mobile application had no effect as well. You will have to reset all of your Roku settings after this process but it is a fairly small price to pay if it fixes your issue.

Fixes for the enhanced Roku Remote control

The newer remote utilizes Wi-Fi signals to reach the TV box rather then infrared lasers. As a result, the trouble shooting here is a little more complicated. Try these steps out:

Step 1: Try resetting the pairing process between remote and TV box. Remove the batteries, then turn off the Roku device, then wait a few seconds to power it back on. Once the home screen has come on the display then you can replace the batteries in the remote. Hold down the pairing button which lies on the underside of the remote or within the battery compartment. A flashing light should appear indicating that the pairing process is in progress. After about 30 seconds, everything should be re-synced and ready to retest.

Fixes for the enhanced Roku Remote control - Step 1

Step 2: Another way to redo the pairing process is using the mobile app. On occasion the enhanced remote will not finish the pairing process and refuse to connect with the main box. In case this is what has happened, you can access the Roku Controller App and head to Settings. Try to pair a new remote and start the re-pair process again as outlined in Step 1 directly above. This should give the box the ability to recognize the remote once again.

Fixes for the enhanced Roku Remote control - Step 2

Again, if your Roku device reacts to the controller app from your mobile device but not your remote control then it may be time to order a replacement. If the problem is your remote, you could always redo any troubleshooting tips to stay on the safe side but the odds are it won’t make a difference. If you’re lucky enough to live next to someone who also has a Roku device, you could always try borrowing their remote or even using your remote on their box. This could help determine what is wrong with your hardware.

We hope these tips have solved your connection issues. If you have discovered any other ways to fix the Roku Control problems then let us know below in the comments.