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Spotify Stops Playing Music when Screen is Off on Galaxy S10 – How to Fix it

If Spotify keeps stopping every time the screen goes off on your Samsung Galaxy S10 then read this article to learn how to fix it.



S10 Quick Fix: Spotify Stops Playing When Screen is Off

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One of the most annoying things that can happen while using your phone is when you’re playing music, and all of a sudden it stops for no reason. It’s an irritating issue but luckily a cause has been found. If songs from Spotify stop playing the moment your phone’s screensaver kicks in, then it’s because your Samsung Galaxy S10 is not set to allow Spotify to stay active. If you are hoping to correct this issue, then follow our easy instructions below.

Instructions on How to Keep Spotify Playing during Galaxy S10’s Screensaver or Screen Lock

While there are a few fixes to this issue, there is one in particular that is almost guaranteed to work. Therefore, we highly recommend using this fix first before any others.

First, head into your Galaxy S10’s Settings app. Next, you will want to tap on the option called Device Care. In older Android Samsung devices, this option was originally called Device Maintenance.

Next, you will find an option in the lower left-hand corner called Battery. Tap on it. Now scroll down the list of apps and options until you locate the Spotify app. Locate the Put app to sleep option and set it to Off. This will make sure that Spotify will not be deactivated in the event of a screen lock or your Galaxy S10 turning off the screen to consume less power.

How to Fix Spotify Stops Playing When Screen is Off

Another option you can try is to turn off the battery optimization specifically for the Spotify app on your phone.

The Galaxy S10 is designed with many options to help conserve as much battery life as possible, so you might want to take advantage of these features as well as fix the Spotify issue itself.

First, go to your Settings page. Then tap on the Apps option, next tap the 3 dots and select Special access. Once you are here, tap on Optimize battery usage. If the dropdown menu at the top of the screen doesn’t say All, tap on Apps not optimized and select All. Locate Spotify and turn the toggle off. Now check to see if your phone still stops Spotify when the screen goes off.

Optimize battery usage S10 - Spotify