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How to Fix Wi-Fi Problems on Samsung Galaxy S8

Quickly and easily take care of Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your Galaxy S8 by reading our simple tutorial!



How to Fix Wi-Fi Problems on Samsung Galaxy S8

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Internet connectivity issues are probably the most common problem to occur on smartphones. If your Samsung Galaxy S8 is giving you trouble in this area then read on to learn how to reestablish connection with a Wi-Fi hot spot and some other basic troubleshooting techniques.

Step 1: Reset All Network Settings

This should be the first course of action you should take for wireless issues with your Galaxy S8. It’s a short and simple procedure and knowing how to do it can help you later on if this problem ever arises again for whatever reason.

From the main home page you will want to access your Settings application. This app is signified by a gear icon and can be found by swiping up to bring up an apps tray. Now that you’re at Settings, go to General Management. Then tap on Reset, and then finally Reset Network Settings.

Tap on Reset Settings on the following page. Your phone may ask you to insert a security PIN at this point if you have one configured. Once you’re past that, tap on Reset Settings to finally confirm the procedure. You’ll receive a notification window once the task is complete.

All wireless settings will be deleted/reset and put back to the original factory settings. Paired Bluetooth devices and previously stored Wi-Fi networks will be gone but can be re-obtained easily. Keep in mind that other auxiliary settings such as VPN, Airplane mode and Data Roaming will all be set to OFF.

With all this done, re-scan for a Wi-Fi spot and see if your phone connects.

Step 2: Soft Reset Settings

There is a chance that a third party app is interfering with your Wi-Fi connectivity. In order to test for this go to the Settings app. Click on Backup and Reset. Tap Reset Settings, enter the PIN and then finally confirm by tapping Reset Settings.

This is not like a hard factory reset as you will keep all your data. What it does is bring back all software to default settings in the off chance that a third party app has a feature that can cause problems. If you suspect an app is the culprit then move onto the next step.

Step 3: Deleting Apps

Sometimes applications can harm one another intentionally or unintentionally, and the only way to solve this problem is by removing it entirely. To delete an app just go to Settings, then tap on Apps. From the list of all of your installed and downloaded apps, just tap on the one you want to remove and press uninstall. Then test your Wi-Fi to check for any improvements.

Hopefully these tips have given you the peace of mind you need for managing your Galaxy S8 device. If you’ve had no luck then unfortunately your issue may only be solved by performing a hard factory reset or contacting Samsung’s support department. We wish you the best of luck in getting your phone back in shape.