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Step by Step Guide to Installing Reddit on Kodi

You enjoy Reddit in all its glory on Kodi too. Check out our step by step guide to installation.



How to Install Reddit on Kodi

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For the few of you who don’t already know what it is, Reddit is a social news website that rose to prominence due to the unique nature of its forums’ structure. Reddit is designed to allow users to share media or comments which can then be voted on to determine what is the best and most popular content per board. All types of viral videos and interesting and unique news stories these days often start to earn their popularity by being first featured on Reddit and receiving mass upvotes.

With this site being so popular, people have begun asking if Reddit is compatible with other software such as Kodi. Luckily for us all the answer is a firm and resounding YES. The tutorial just below will clearly explain how you can get Reddit set up with Kodi on any number of hardware devices, including Fire Stick, Android, Raspberry Pi or PC and Mac desktops.

Installation Tutorial

As it turns out, there are actually two main Reddit add ons for Kodi. Both of them are official apps that can be found at the designated Kodi add on repository. This is good news as official add ons have less steps than unofficial ones to install and download. Both of these work well for the newest build of Kodi, 17.6 Krypton. After this you will soon be able to gain access to streams on your platform of choice.

Step 1: Launch Kodi and then head over to Add Ons

How to Install Reddit on Kodi - Step 1

Step 1

Step 2: Select the Package Installation Icon located in the top left corner. The icon looks like an opened up cardboard box

How to Install Reddit on Kodi - Step 2

Step 2

Step 3: Here, click on “Install from repository”, then “Kodi Add-on repository”, then finally “Video add-ons”.

How to Install Reddit on Kodi - Step 3

Step 3

Step 4: Click on or the Reddit Viewer addon, then click on install.

How to Install Reddit on Kodi - Step 4

Step 4

Step 5: Now just wait until the notification alerts you that the download and installation has been completed.

Step 6: Return to your Kodi homepage and go back to the Add Ons tab on the left hand side.

How to Install Reddit on Kodi - Step 6

Step 6

Step 7: Click on Video Add Ons

How to Install Reddit on Kodi - Step 7

Step 7

Step 8: Your Reddit Add on will appear here. Click on it to get started, and enjoy.

Bonus Tips on How to Acquire More Content from Kodi

While we mentioned earlier that official Kodi apps are easier to install than unofficial ones, there is one major drawback. Many official add ons like the Reddit ones are only available in designated locations. These are generally limited to Canada, the United States, Russia or the UK. If you don’t live in these countries and wish to bypass the region lock then you will need a VPN.

Here are some of the great benefits you will receive from utilizing your very own Virtual Private Network:

  • Unrestricted Regional Access to Kodi content: many of the best Kodi add-ons are the unofficial ones and many people claim that the safest way to protect yourself using these apps is through a VPN.
  • Ignore Throttling from your ISP: Throttling is what happens to your internet speed when it appears fine while browsing regular sites like your email but suddenly seems to take a dive when streaming video content. VPNs are great at preventing this from happening.
  • Guaranteed Privacy: Arguably the main appeal of VPNs. This function will keep all of your online actions and histories truly anonymous to help secure yourself and your real IP address.

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you don’t know where to start. There are several great and reputable VPNs for affordable prices—some are even free. Check out ExpressVPN, IPVanish or BulletVPN if you want someplace to start looking.

Ultimately, having Reddit on Kodi is an incredibly convenient way to have easy access to trending news and videos. We hope our guide was simple and informative and that your Reddit experience has been augmented greatly.