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Activating Kid’s Mode on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Turning on Kid’s Mode for your Samsung Galaxy is simple. Just check out this quick explanation to get it done.



How to Install Samsung Galaxy Kids Mode

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Installing Samsung Kid’s Mode can be a confusing process for Galaxy smartphone owners. The reason being is that different models used to have the app pre-installed but these days it no longer is.

For many Galaxy S models the Kid’s Mode app can be found in the Apps menu. Locating it and activating it is simple. The installation process is short and gives clear instructions.

Owners of newer devices, especially the Samsung Galaxy S8, do not have Kid’s Mode already installed and will have to download it from the Google Play Store.

Open up the Google Play Store app which should already be located on your home page. In the search bar merely type in “kids mode” and it will be the first search result on the list. Click on it and then you’ll be brought to the app’s official page. Tap on the green bar that reads “Install” and within moments the app will be added to your Apps list. Find it, activate it and then you’ll have Samsung’s Kid’s Mode ready to launch.

How to Install Samsung Galaxy Kids Mode - Step 1

How to Install Samsung Galaxy Kids Mode - Step 2

How to Install Samsung Galaxy Kids Mode - Step 3