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How to Tag Something as Spoiler on Discord

Find out how to set a line of text or an entire message as spoiler on Discord.



How To Make a Spoiler Tag

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Discord is a great platform for interacting with fellow gamers and gaming communities. It’s a free and easy way to communicate via text, audio, image, and video content with buddies and like-minded communities. Discord is perfect for discussing not just games but movies, music, books and any other hobby or interest, in huge channels with thousands of users or a small group of friends.

With any shared discussion of new games and movies comes the risk of finding out twists and endings before you’ve had the chance to experience it yourself. So to minimize the impact of spoilers, do your part and make sure you tag your spoiler content!

How to mark text as spoiler content

You can tag individual words or sentences within a message as a spoiler, or the whole message itself. To mark a message or part of a message as spoiler, simply highlight the text, right-click and select “Mark as spoiler”. You can also do this manually within the text by wrapping the spoiler text in double vertical bars ||like this||.

How to mark text as spoiler content

How to mark attachments as spoiler content (only for desktop version)

You can also tag attachments as spoilers by ticking the “Mark as spoiler” checkbox before uploading.

How to mark attachments as spoiler content

If you dare, you can bypass spoiler tagged content by changing your own user settings.

  1. Select “User settings” from the bottom left of your Discord app dashboard
  2. Choose “Text & images” from the left side panel
  3. From here, find “Show spoiler content” and choose when you want your spoiler content displayed or hidden from the options
    a.On click: All tagged spoilers are hidden until you click to reveal them
    b.On servers I moderate: If you moderate a server, any spoilers tagged in that server won’t be hidden from you
    c.Always: No tagged spoilers will be hidden from your view

Show Spoiler Content

Choose your settings wisely, and tag your spoiler content properly or face the wrath of your fellow Discordians!