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How to Repair Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen

Whether you want to have the screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 replaced professionally or you want to do it by yourself, here’s everything you need to know.



How to Repair Galaxy Note 9 Screen

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Has the screen on your Samsung smartphone become damaged or cracked? It’s an unfortunately common occurrence but luckily there are many options available to you when it comes to repairing it. Whether you want to take your Galaxy Note 9 to a repair show or do it yourself, we have all the info you need on Galaxy Note 9 screen replacements.

Overview of the Problem

Before you decide to do the Galaxy Note 9 screen replacement, you should ask yourself how bad the situation is in the first place. Take an assessment of how badly damaged your phone’s screen is.

Does it only have a couple of deep scratches, or is the phone’s glass screen completely cracked? If it’s the latter then you may have already lost much if not all of your touchscreen’s functionality.

This is important to do because a Note 9 screen replacement can be pretty expensive when going to a repair shop. Your phone should really be in bad condition before you decide to spend up to a couple of hundred dollars on fixing it.

This is why many people like the DIY approach. It is a little cheaper but unfortunately DIY can be very complicated and is often not recommended to people with little experience in electronics maintenance or repair.

If you know for a fact that your Galaxy Note 9 needs screen replacement then continue onto our next tips.

Take Your Note 9 to a Repair Shop

The most common thing to do when your screen is heavily damaged is to take it to a professional repair shop. These people fix phones and other electronic devices for a living and will make your smartphone look and feel brand new after repairs.

A great resource we recommend to you is They have locations all over the United States and can do screen replacements and other services for a huge variety of Samsung phones, including the Galaxy Note 9. Just find the closest location to your home and receive an estimate online.

Phone screen replacement can get pretty pricey, as we mentioned earlier. You should expect to spend anywhere from $200 to $300 in total. If you want to save a little bit of cash and do it yourself, then move onto our next step.

DIY Note 9 Screen Replacement Repair

DIY repairs sound like an excellent alternative to repair shops but it must be noted that this option will not be ideal for everyone. To people with little to no experience in electronics maintenance, screen replacements can be a very hard and very complex process. There are a lot of steps involved and some of them are rather delicate.

If you wary of the potential results then we highly recommend you to take it to a repair shop instead. You could end up doing more damage than good.

Before you begin you will need a screen replacement kit that comes with all the necessary tools as well as the replacement screen itself. There are many options available such as the KR-NET AMOLED Touch Screen Replacement Screen and the ShanS Replacement Screen Kit. You will also need a hairdryer to melt the internal adhesive early on in the repair process.

If you think you know you can handle the task then here’s our step by step guide on the Note 9 screen replacement process.

  1. Make sure your Note 9 phone is off
  2. Remove your SIM card with the ejector pin
  3. Also be sure to remove the Stylus if it is still inside the phone
  4. Take your hairdryer and heat up the back surface of your Note 9 for at least two minutes. The glue is very tough and needs to be properly heated. Feel free to continue heating the glue later on in the repair if necessary.
  5. Take a thin opening tool and slide it into a corner of the Note 9 to create an opening. This should slightly crack open the back surface plate from the front. Insert a thin opening pick like a guitar plectrum and slide it gently upwards. This will separate the back surface from the front some more. Do the same for all three other sides of the phone’s case.
  6. Gently remove the back cover of your phone and place it aside
  7. There are 11 cruciform screws on the inside of your phone. Remove all of them with the appropriate screwdriver
  8. Remove the NFC antenna component with the opening tool. Insert the tool at the top center of the phone to gently leverage it out.
  9. Now you will have to disconnect the battery from its power source to prevent any short circuiting. Use a nylon spudger.
  10. Remove the seven small screws that are beneath and to the right of the battery.
  11. Use a nylon spudger to remove the external speaker, located to the right of the battery.
  12. Remove the dock connector cable and the stylus cable using the nylon spudger.
  13. Now remove the screen cable and the light sensor cable using the nylon spudger.
  14. Remove the front camera and the iris sensor using the nylon spudger. They are both located at the top of the circuit board.
  15. Four more screws need to be unscrewed that are holding the circuit board in place. Three are found in the top left corner and one is in the bottom right corner.
  16. Use the nylon spudger to remove the circuit board. Insert it into an opening at the bottom of the phone’s base and gently lift it up and place it aside.
  17. Unscrew two more screws located beneath the battery.
  18. Remove the dock connector located beneath the battery. You can remove it by hand.
  19. Use the nylon spudger to remove the plug cable, located in the bottom right corner.
  20. Use the nylon spudger to remove the vibrating mechanism from the phone’s frame, located near the battery.
  21. Now very gently remove the battery from the phone’s casing. If there is still some adhesive glue holding it in place, feel free to use the hairdryer once again.
  22. Peel off the light sensor with the nylon spudger.
  23. Using the opening tool, place it in between the earpiece speaker and the phone’s casing and gently pry it out.
  24. Now you can finally remove your damaged Note 9 Screen. Remove it and gently replace it with your new screen. To reassemble your phone, simply follow all of these steps in reverse order. You will also have to apply some adhesive glue surrounding the battery due to having heated up the old adhesive.

It’s a complicated process but following all of the steps and having the right repair kit will help you perform it successfully. The ShanS Repair Kit we mentioned earlier is an excellent repair kit that is perfect for this task.

ShanS Repair Kit

ShanS Repair Kit

It comes with the majority of all the tools you’ll need, including plastic razors, plectrums, tweezers and more. These are the same tools used by electronics repair professionals so this kit is more than up to the task of the Note 9 screen replacement.