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How to Report a User on Discord

To find out how to report a user on Discord, read our quick and easy guide.



How to Report a User on Discord

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Discord is a free platform that allows you to communicate and interact with other gamers through audio, text, image and video content. As with most online community platforms, Discord comes with a set of guidelines to help keep the platform free of harassment, spam, and abuse. Discord does not actively monitor content, instead relying on users to report anything that goes against community guidelines.

From time to time, while using the platform, you may see other users violate these guidelines. Channel owners and admins can Kick, Mute, or Ban users who don’t uphold community guidelines. However, you may also decide to report problematic users to Discord’s moderators.

  1. To report someone on Discord, you need to first check that they have violated one of Discord’s community guidelines. The guidelines cover things like spam, phishing, harassment, threats, correct use of NSFW labels, and so on. It’s best to check the Discord website for full details on what is and isn’t tolerated.
  2. You’ll need to be able to provide the relevant User ID and Server ID. In order to find the User and Server IDs, you need to switch to developer mode. This can be done by clicking on “User Settings” and finding “Appearance” in the left column. Here, under “Advanced”, switch the “Developer Mode” toggle to “On”. Now you can right-click on any user or server and select “Copy ID”.
    How to Report a User on Discord - Step 1

    switch to developer mode

    How to Report a User on Discord - Step 2

    Copy ID (User)

    How to Report a User on Discord - Step 3

    Copy ID (Server)

  3. You’ll also need to provide links to the offending messages. To copy a message, right click on the message and select “Copy Message Link”
    How to Report a User on Discord - Step 4

    Copy Message Link

  4. Once you’ve gathered all the relevant information, navigate to and click “Submit a request” in the upper right corner. This function allows you to submit requests regarding a range of issues, but to report a user for investigation, select “Trust & Safety” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Fill in all relevant information. Include the links to any offending messages, and add the User ID and Server ID in the description box.
  6. Once all information is included, click “Submit”.
    How to Report a User on Discord - Step 5

    Submit a request

Tip: Don’t let the person know that you plan to report them. If a user deletes their message, you can no longer link to it, which means it can’t be investigated properly unless you’ve taken screenshots and attached them to your report.

It can be a fiddly process, but reporting offending users helps to keep Discord communities safe and fun, as they should be.