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Scanning QR codes for Samsung Galaxy S9 Made Easy

Want to know how to scan QR codes on the Samsung Galaxy S9? Check out our simple step by step walkthrough.



How to scan qr code with Samsung Galaxy S9

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QR codes, which stands for Quick Response, are a very easy way to decode and transmit data. Some people believe that this utility was removed from the Samsung Galaxy S9, but as a matter of fact, that’s not true. Scanning QR codes is still available on the device but it must first be activated. Read on to find out how to scan QR code with Galaxy S9.

To activate QR scanning you go into your phone’s default Internet Browser. Inside the browser you must select the three dotted icon in the upper right hand side of your screen. From the menu that appears you will pick Extensions and then click on the activation slider that lies next to the section that reads QR Code Reader.

How to Scan QR Codes with Galaxy S9 - Step 1 How to Scan QR Codes with Galaxy S9 - Step 2 How to Scan QR Codes with Galaxy S9 - Step 3 How to Scan QR Codes with Galaxy S9 - Step 4 How to Scan QR Codes with Galaxy S9 - Step 4

Now that the scanning ability itself is activated, here is how to actually use QR code scanner with Galaxy S9.

When you find a QR code on any website go back to the three dotted icon and tap on it. From the same menu a new option will appear called Scan QR Code. The first time you tap this you will receive a pop-up menu from Samsung asking if they have permission to access and use your device’s camera. Select yes and now you will be able to scan QR codes with Galaxy S9.

Another way to use the QR scanning feature is to activate Bixby Vision while using your phone’s camera. This feature is found on the camera app screen in the bottom center. Simply tap on the icon to activate it.

Yet another way to do QR scanning is to download a third party app called QR Droid. It can be found for free in the Google Play Store. QR Droid has received many positive reviews with some claiming it to be one of the fastest and easiest to use QR scanners available for the Galaxy S9.