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How to Schedule Text Messages on Your Samsung Galaxy S9

Want to know how you can schedule texts to send at a certain time and date on your Samsung Galaxy S9? Check out this step-by-step guide.



How to Schedule Text Messages on Galaxy S9

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One of the most convenient aspects of smartphones these days is their advanced scheduling features. With so many of us living busy lives, it is important to take advantage of managing your schedule as best as possible. That’s why anyone who owns a Samsung Galaxy S9 should quickly learn how to schedule text messaging in advance. If you want to learn how to pull this off then follow our simple instructions below.

Instructions on How to Schedule Text Messaging for Galaxy S9

The first step involves opening up your texting or SMS app that you normally use for texting messages. Now type up whatever text you want to write but don’t send it to anyone as it will merely be a saved draft for now.

Next, you will tap on the “3-dotted” icon that is next to the text input box, then select “Schedule message” then you will see a calendar pop up on your phone’s screen. Now, all you have to do is select a day and time when you want to send this message. After the date and time are confirmed, simply click Send. Don’t worry as this will not send the message immediately. Your phone has now been set to automatically send your saved draft to the designated recipient at the date and time you specified.

Schedule Text Messages on Galaxy S9