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How to Solve “Touch Input Blocked” Problem with Galaxy S9

Fixing the “Touch Input Blocked” error is very easy. Just read this short guide and you’ll have it fixed in seconds.



How to Solve "Touch Input Blocked" Problem with Galaxy S9

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If you’ve ever had the annoying message that reads “touch input blocked” appear on your phone then luckily we have a solution. This is an irritating issue that can cause many problems with touch screen sensitivity but fortunately, the method for solving this issue is very short and very simple.

Follow these instructions to get rid of touch input blocked S9 for good.

First navigate over to your Settings menu. It is represented by an icon that resembles a gear.

You can find this app icon either on the home page of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or by scrolling down on the home page to bring up a menu bar. The gear-shaped app icon will be located in the top left of this drop down menu.

Now that you are in the Settings menu, you need to tap on the section that reads: “Display”.

Go down the list of this new menu and you’ll see an option that says “Block Accidental Touches”. Disable this feature and you will be rid of any problems relating to touch input blocked for Samsung Galaxy S9.

That’s all there is to it. We told you that it would be quick and painless, right? Thank you for reading and we hope that we have made your smartphone usage a little more convenient and easy to operate.

Fixing the “Touch Input Blocked” Galaxy S9