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How to Stop Wi-Fi Calling Notifications on Samsung Galaxy S8 & S9

Tired of seeing Wi-Fi calling notification on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9? Here’s how to stop the notifications for good!



How to Stop Wi-Fi Calling Notifications on Samsung Galaxy S8 & S9

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Getting spammed by various system notifications is old news to users of Android devices. And yet the Wi-Fi calling notification is arguably one of the most irritating and incessant ones any owner of a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 can get. To make matters worse, there is no way to conventionally remove this feature from the Settings application like with many other notifications. The only known way to remove this notification is to trudge deep into the most obscure parts of your Android phone.

How to remove Wi-Fi Calling Notification

This is a somewhat unusual process as it involves accessing menus that very few people even knew existed. It’s quite strange why Samsung would design the system like this, but fortunately for us all, the steps are quite easy even if there are many of them. This should work on Galaxy S8 and S9 devices and probably even older ones too.

First, you need to head into your Settings application. Access it from the main page by clicking on the gear icon, or swiping down and accessing the status bar and pressing on the gear icon from there.

Now that you are in the Settings menu, tap on Notifications. You may be thinking to yourself that you’ve already done this, but just bear with us for a little longer.

Instead of scrolling down through a list of apps, which will inevitably not have the Wi-Fi Calling feature displayed, click on “Advanced” in the top right hand corner. This will extend the list of applications and include a variety of basic OS functions like Device Maintenance and whatnot.

But that’s still not the end of it. The page you’re on now should be called “Advanced Notification Settings.” Instead of scrolling down you need to click on the three dots lined up vertically in the top right hand corner next to the “Advanced Notification Settings” title. It will be in the spot where “Advanced” was on the previous page. Clicking on the dots will bring up a small sub-menu. Click on the first option which reads “Show system apps.”

Now we’re finally at the true and complete list of apps. This will be a much longer page than the previous two. Scroll all the way down until you reach Wi-Fi Calling. On devices older than
Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 it may be called “Wi-Fi Direct” instead. Tap on this and press the “On lock screen” option. From the sub-menu, click on “Do not show notifications” and you’re finally done!

We still don’t know why the notification menus are designed this way and it’s no wonder why so many people still haven’t figured it out yet on their own. But hopefully, this helps you get rid of one of the most annoying aspects of owning a Galaxy S8 or S9 and makes your phone browsing much more peaceful. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.