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How to Turn On the Flashlight for your Samsung Galaxy S8

Want to know how to turn on the flashlight on your Galacy S8? Find out here.



Samsung Galaxy S8: How Do You Turn on the Flashlight?

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Smartphones are meant to be all-in-one devices that feature as many convenient utilities as possible. Flashlights are one of those utilities that often come in handy, that’s why every Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with one built-in. But activating your flashlight on a Galaxy S8 isn’t the same as opening a normal app. Some people might mistakenly think that you have to download a third party app to get it working, but this is not the case.

If you want to start using the flashlight on your Samsung S8 Device then all you have to do are these easy steps.

  • From your Samsung Galaxy S8 home screen, swipe downwards. This will bring up the menu known as the Status Bar. The Status Bar displays various operational features for your phone like wi-fi connection, an icon that leads to the Settings menu, Bluetooth, and the flashlight.
  • The Flashlight icon should be located in the bottom left hand side. By default it is set to off. Toggle it on by simply pressing on it once. Tap it again to turn it off.

How to Turn On the Flashlight for your Samsung Galaxy S8

If you do not prefer to go through the status bar to activate your flashlight then you have the option of downloading a third party app for free. This way you can turn on the flashlight of your Samsung Galaxy S8 like you would any other app.

You can also control the power of the brightness of your flashlight by following some extra steps.

  • Within the status bar, tap on the Flashlight icon to turn the light on.
  • Next you want to tap on the actual text beneath the icon that says “Flashlight.” This will bring up a new sub menu
  • Within this menu you can set the brightness power of the flashlight. By default it is set to 1 but can go up to 5

The flashlight of the Samsung Galaxy S8 takes up a fair amount of the battery power, even when it is set to the lowest setting of 1. Make sure not to use it for too long to conserve your device’s energy.