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iPhone 8 Colors

Find out which colors for the iPhone 8 are available and decide which one you should choose for yours.



iPhone 8 Colors

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The launch of the iPhone 8 in 2017 introduced a dynamic glass design to the marketplace. This new design enabled easy wireless charging, making it both sleek and functional. Save for the more recent additions to the smartphone family, the iPhone 8 is one of the most powerful models – and it comes in a trio of cool, classic colors to choose from.


iPhone 8 Silver

Silver is the first on offer, giving the body a bright appearance. The faceplate is white, complementing the shiny look and allowing for a neutral appearance if a case is added. It’s a great choice for those who are looking for something striking but not gaudy – although it may show marks more easily and require frequent cleaning without a case.


iPhone 8 Gold

Next up is gold – which is definitely the most flashy of the group. Gold phones sometimes get a bad rap for being tasteless, but the lighter tone of this choice makes it pleasant on the eye. The faceplate is white again, which means the gold can be covered with a case if desired. While not to everyone’s liking, this color is attention-grabbing.

Space Gray

iPhone 8 Space Gray

Finally, space gray – a darker color which is almost black but not quite. On the darker end of the spectrum, space gray is the least likely of the three to show smudges. The faceplate is black, which complements the overall body color, and gives it a truly classic appearance – much like the earliest iPhone models.

All three have a simplicity about their design which makes them timelessly stylish no matter which option is chosen. While the palette could be considered limited, the choices are all modern and elegant.