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Here’s an Overview of All Three iPhone X and XS Max Colors

Find out which iPhone colors to choose for your new iPhone by reading here about which ones are available for each model.



iPhone X Colors

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Are you thinking of picking up a new iPhone X or XS Max? The first thing you’re going to have to do is figure out which color you’ll want to own. Nobody wants to buy an expensive phone that isn’t appealing to their eyes so take a look at our rundown of the available iPhone X colors and iPhone XS Max colors so you can finally make your choice.

Space Grey (iPhone X and XS Max)

Think of this color as a shinier version of black. The space grey look is actually not a rehash of the jet black that is available on many other models. It’s a little less dark but a lot more sleek. This is a great choice for anyone who wants a simplistic look but also avoids being dull at the same time.

Silver (iPhone X and XS Max)

Like the previous iPhone X color, the silver color is like a revamped edition of eggshell white in the same way that space grey looks like a modernized take on jet black (even though space grey actually made an appearance on iPhone models first). It’s simple at first glance but it contains a hint of elegance as well. This is the perfect choice for anyone who already owns many other Apple products and wants their collection to look alike.

Gold (iPhone XS Max only)

iPhone XS Max Gold

XS Max Gold

Probably the fanciest color we have on this list today is the more recent gold shade that is only available as an iPhone XS Max color. To give it a more accurate description, it looks like a cross between bronze and peach. This gives it a sense of flashy style that doesn’t go too overboard, and it distinguishes itself from many other smartphones that go for a typical golden look. Go for this look if you want an iPhone X Max color that really stands out in a good way.