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iPhone XR Colors: Which Style You Should Buy and Why

Trying to figure out which iPhone XR color to get? Check out what options there are and compare them.



iPhone XR Colors

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The new iPhone XR may be the most stylish product that Apple has ever released. That’s why anyone who is planning on getting one for themselves should take a moment to think about which color they should get. Below we have an overview of all the standard colors that the new iPhone XR is available in. Each one looks great, but you should pick the one that best suits you.


iPhone XR RedOfficially called (Product) Red, this color is a very vibrant and bright shade that is also quite unique. You don’t see many smartphones that have such a fiery look to them. What makes it even better is that a portion of all proceeds are donated to HIV & AIDS foundations.


iPhone XR BlueMuch like the previous iPhone XR color this light shade of baby blue stands out nicely. It’s a great choice for someone searching for a look that will be stylish during all four seasons.


iPhone XR BlackThe most standard choice among all the iPhone XR colors is undoubtedly black. This is a solid choice for anyone who wants a phone that isn’t about flashy aesthetics but a tried and true look that will match any other electronic device.


iPhone XR YellowThe brightest of all the iPhone XR colors is the perfect choice for people with a sunny personality. If you’re a morning person then you’ll want to be greeted by this vibrant and welcoming shade bright and early every day.


iPhone XR WhiteWhite is the classic choice for die hard Apple fans. If you have many Apple products and want them all to complement each other then you need to pick a white iPhone XR to really make your collection shine.


iPhone XR CoralEasily the most unique of all the iPhone XR colors, coral is a dazzling shade that is supposed to remind you of the beauty of the deep sea. It has a lovely reddish-pink shade that makes all other salmon colored devices look pale in comparison.