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iPhone XS and XS Max Colors

Check out this overview and find out what color options are available for the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max



iPhone XS and XS Max Colors

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Making waves in September 2018, the iPhone XS and XS Max were the first offerings from Apple without the signature home button. With huge screens outperforming previous models, the XS family forgoes the faceplate, instead offering corner to corner pixels. Powerful, weightier in the hand, and pushing the limits – the only thing familiar about this model’s appearance is the color options it comes in.

Without the faceplate, the XS models offer undistracted streaming, gaming, and general use. No more bright white drawing the eye away from the screen – rather, the front of the phone is entirely screen.

Available in three different colors, the XS models stick to Apple’s trio of reliability – gold, silver, and space gray. All are fairly subdued, not too flashy, and classy enough to stand the test of time.


iPhone XS Gold

This is perhaps the brightest color of the three options. The edging is considerably shinier, giving the glitz so desired by many users. A luxurious look, the gold version does show wear-and-tear more readily than the silver, but the rosy blush it has is enough to overlook any minor imperfections caused by use.


iPhone XS Silver

Classic and timelessly elegant, scratches are the least obvious on this particular color. Lighter and brighter, this version has a white surrounding band, which is less distracting to the eye than a full-on faceplate. Silver is a less flashy option that still looks great.

Space Gray

iPhone XS Space Gray

This is the color that shows scratches most readily. That being said – for those who like a darker, less striking model, this is the color to go for. Space gray is also very unlikely to discolor and is easy on the eye during phone use.

All three are complementary and timeless – which one will you choose?